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Peter Pan and Tinkerbell Party Theme

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell are a wonderful birthday idea for twins, siblings or any party where boys and girls are attending.  Fun ideas for Peter Pan and Tinkerbell themed invitations, decorations, games, activities, party games, food and much more.    

Peter Pan / Tinkerbell Invitation Ideas

Send out star shaped note cards and tell guests to meet you at the second star on the right.

Hide fairy dust (confetti or glitter) inside the invitations.

See more invitation ideas
on our Peter Pan and Tinkerbell theme pages.

Peter Pan / Tinkerbell Decorations
Decorate like a beautiful forest with flowers, plants and vines. 

Pixie sticks on the party table 

Place a sign by the front door that says "Welcome to Neverland!"

Cover playhouses or swing sets with tarps and/or green and brown streamers to make a Lost Boy's hide out.

Decorate a pool or fountain for the Mermaid Lagoon and a tree house for a Lost Boys Hideout.    

Fun Ideas
Give fairy wings and fairy wands to the girls and green hats with red feathers (or green baseball style cap) and foam swords for the boys to play with at the party.  They can also take these home as party favors after the party.

For Girls:

Dress up girls like Tinkerbell fairies with pixie dust (spray on glitter or hair spray), glittery lotions, sparkly shadow and fairy wings

For Boys:
See our Peter Pan page for ideas on making tunics and swords.

Activities for a Peter Pan and Tinkerbell Party
A bounce house is always fun for girls and boys. 


Peter Pan and Tinkerbell Party Games

See the Peter Pan theme and the Tinkerbell theme for lots of fun party games like Mermaid Lagoon, Shadow Tag, Fairy Hop, Captain Hook Treasure, Walk the Plank, Pirate Tag, Find the Ticking Clock, Shadow Maker, Treasure Dig and more. 

  Peter Pan and Tinkerbell Party Food Ideas
Star shaped foods can be made by cutting out cookies or brownies ... or even fruit and sandwiches with a star shaped cookie cutter.

Pixie stix

Spaghetti and breadsticks (swords)

Pixie marshmallows - dip large marshmallows in water, shake off excess and then roll in colored sugar.  Place on wooden skewers and stand up in a tall container.

Peter Pan and Tinkerbell Party Favor Ideas
Fairy Skirts
Lip gloss
Pixie sticks
Foam style swords




birthday party ideas for kids border

birthday party ideas for kids border

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Fun birthday party games for kids, birthday party ideas and party theme ideas  that makes planning the perfect party easy and fun! Birthday party ideas for boys and girls party celebrations that will make each party a Happy Birthday!

We are always looking for affordable, new and creative ideas!  If you have a unique or favorite idea for kids party favors, food, party invitations, decorations, treasure hunt games, birthday party group games, happy birthday wishes, birthday themes or kids birthday party places share them with us!