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Paper Bead Necklace Craft


Making paper beads from old magazines is a great birthday party craft for girls. This was a popular craft project back in the 60's and 70's and has become popular again with kids, tweens and teens of all ages.  These fun paper beads are made from rolling up triangle pieces of old magazines and then stringing them together to make a necklace.  They are a great craft for birthday parties and a fun way to recycle. 


The beads are made from long triangle shapes of paper such as colorful magazines, tissue paper, craft paper or newspaper.  They are rolled around a wooden dowel and then glued.  Once dry they can be strung on string or floss to make a beautiful necklace.  Let the party guests make their own beads and then take home a necklace as a party favor. 


Supplies for Paper Bead Necklaces

Old magazines with colorful pages
Clear Nail Polish


Small wooden dowel (to wrap the pieces of paper around.  Can be done without the dowel, but it make it easier and less messy.



Instructions  On How To Make Paper Beads

Tear out colorful pages from old magazines.

Cut out a long triangle shape from heavy cardstock for a template so the beads will be uniform in shape.  The length of the bead will be the size of the widest point of the triangle.  For thick beads make a longer triangle shape.  For thinner beads make the triangle shorter.  Vary sizes for interest.

Place the template on the magazine - make sure the point of the triangle is over a colorful region of the magazine - trace and cut out. 


 Paper beads made from old magazine pages

Starting at the wide end of the triangle tightly roll it towards the point.  Place a drop of glue on the backside of the point and glue to the rolled up bead.  Using a small wooden dowel to wrap the magazine pieces around make the process easier and less messy.  Simply slip them off the dowel to dry. 


Make the beads shine with a coat of clear nail polish.  This also makes them almost waterproof and will make the last longer.  For extra fun use clear nail polish with glitter in different colors. 




When the beads have been made use a needle and thread to string them together to make a necklace or bracelet. 

Experiment with different shapes of triangles for fun results. 


Paper bead necklaces






Here is a great step by step video from the Potomac Bead Company on how to make paper beads.

How to make paper beads


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