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New Years Eve
Would You Rather Game 

The New Years Eve Would You Rather game is fun for kids, tweens, teens, classroom and adult parties!

It is easy to set up and play for large or small groups.  Clean, rated G questions for everyone.

Players choose one answer from the questions that give two choices.  

Print out the questions and cut them into strips.  Fold and place in a container.    Players take turns reading a question and answering it.

  New Years Eve - Would You Rather Game

Variation:  For large groups or to make the game more active designate one side of the room for answer A and the other side for answer B. 

Have one person read the questions out loud and at the same
time all the players must go to the side of the room that
corresponds with the answer they chose.



Would You Rather Game Questions:

Would You Rather ...

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1.  Clean up confetti in Times Square or ... Clean up after Zoo animals?
2.  Eat Black Eyed peas for 1 year or ... Eat brussel sprouts for 1 year?
3.  Sing Auld Lang Syne to a large crowd or ... Make a toast in front of a large crowd?
4.  Volunteer at a Homeles shelter or ... Volunteer at an Animal shelter?
5.  Give up Netflix for 1 year or ... Give up SnapChat for 1 year?
6.  Give up Soda for 6 months or ... Give up French Fries for 6 months?
7.  Dress up as the New Year Baby or ... Father Time?
8.  Be twice as fast as you were last year or ... Twice as strong?
9.  Be in Times Square for New Years Eve or ... Be on a beach?
10. Throw confetti from a skyscraper or ... Release 100 helium balloons?
11. Be the one to count down the ball drop on live TV or ... Dance on stage with your favorite band?
12. Make resolutions for yourself or ... Make resolutions for other people (but they get to make resolutions for you).
13. Have confetti for hair or ... A party blowout for a nose?
14. Have party noisemakers for feet or ... Confetti breath?
15. Go out with 15 new friends on New Years Eve or ... Stay at home with 5 old friends?
16. Have a clock for a face or ... Champagne bottle arms?
17. Throw confetti on everyone you meet for a week or ... Blow a horn every time you meet someone?
18. Live the last year over again or ... Move on to the New Year?
19. Countdown from 10 every time you start something or ... Kiss strangers on the cheek for 1 week?
20. Dance where ever you go or ... Clink pretend glasses and say "Cheers" after every sentence?
21. Celebrate the New Year with fireworks or ... Go out dancing with friends?
22. Search for 9 New Years coins in a large fountain filled with coins or ... Pop 1,000 balloons?
23. Wish everyone you meet "Happy New Year" or ... Walk backwards where ever you go?
24. Go to a party every night or ... Be alone on a deserted island?
25. Go back in time one week or ...
Go forward 1 day to see what's in the future?

Over 200 more Would You Rather Questions!


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