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Little Red Riding Hood Party Ideas


Little Red Riding Hood Birthday Party Ideas



Little Red Riding Hood party planning ideas.  Fun ideas that will bring the classic children's tale of Little Red Riding Hood to life with these ideas for games, activities, invitations, decorations, food, favors and goody bags. We've also included our favorite Nature Scavenger hunt with a free item list to print out for the kids to enjoy when they are in the "forest".

Lil Red Riding Hood Invitation ideas
Invitations for the Red Riding Hood party can be as simple as using a blank solid red note card and filling in the party information on the inside.  Dress it up a little by using white and red polka dot cards.

On a red note card attach a piece of red fabric (smaller then the inside of the card) at the top so that it covers the party information.  The guests will have to lift up the fabric to see the details.






Little Red Riding Hood Party Games


Pin the Tail on the Wolf
Played just like Pin the tail on the Donkey except use a poster of a wolf instead.  You could also play the game by pinning on large ears or teeth to the poster.


Wolf Tag
Have an adult dress up like a wolf and play tag with the children.   Or let the children take turns being the wolf - buy some large fuzzy ears or a wolf mask that the kids can take turns wearing.


Silly String Wolf Fight
Have an adult or older sibling dress up as a wolf.  Give each guest a can of silly string and let them try and capture the wolf with their silly string. 


What Time Is It Mr. Wolf?
What Time Is It Mr. Wolf is a classic children's game that is fun to play at parties.  It is similar to TAG, but with a few twists. All you need to play is a large area big enough for the kids to be able to run around inside of it.  The object of the game is to not be tagged by the "Wolf".


To play choose who will be the Wolf first.  Then have all the players line up on one side of the large play area and the Wolf is at the opposite side from the players.  All the childrens line up next to each other so that they can all see the Wolf.  Mr. Wolf then turns his back to the children.  The players say at the same time "What time is it Mr. Wolf?"


Mr. Wolf then answers with a time (the time can be anything the Wolf wants) - an example is: "It's 7:00 o'clock".  The players then have to take 7 steps towards the Wolf.  Whatever time the Wolf says it is - that is the amount of steps that the players must take towards the Wolf. 


At any time during the game the Wolf can call out "Supper Time!!" after the players ask them what time it is.  When the Wolf answers with "supper time!" the wolf can then chase and tag as many players as possible before they can run back to their home (the line which all the players started from.  Whoever is tagged then becomes a wolf and lines up with the first wolf and another round begins.  The last child left that has not been tagged wins the game and becomes the new wolf.





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Little Red Riding Hood Party Activities



Nature Scavenger Hunt
Have a fun Nature Scavenger hunt as Little Red Riding Hood tries to find Grandma's house.  Complete with a free item list to print out and directions. 



Treasure Hunt
Have a big treasure hunt to find and fill a basket full of goodies as Red Riding Hood makes her way to Grandma's house.  Before the party hide small toys and wrapped candy outside or around the inside party area.  Give each birthday guest a red sack or small basket (can be used also as a goody bag to hold favors after the party).  Let them search for items and keep the ones that they find.  


For extra fun you can buy plastic food items and label each of them with a different number.  Buy prizes and assign each prize a number that corresponds with the plastic food.  When the guests find a plastic food item they can turn it in for prizes after the treasure hunt.  To make the Red Riding Hood Treasure Hunt fair for smaller children let the kids be allowed to collect only one plastic food item during the hunt. 



Wolf Piñata
Buy or make a large piñata in the shape of a wolf or wolf's head.  Let birthday guests take turns trying to break the wolf.  You can use a stick or a plastic ax to hit the piñata.  For tips on Piñatas see our Piñata help page.



Make Red Riding Hood Capes
Let the guests help make red capes that they can use during the party.  If the guests are too young to help make the capes at the party - have them already made and let them decorate it with fabric pens or markers.  There are several ways to make a Red Riding Hood cape.  This is a free tutorial for a cape that needs a little sewing.  And this red riding hood no sew cape tutorial is really easy and uses fabric or hot glue. 



Decorate Cookies for Grandma
Decorate some cookies for the kids to take to Grandma ... or take home as a party favor.  Before the party bake or buy large sugar cookies.  Set out different frostings, sprinkles and candies and let guests decorate cookies to take home. 


Little Red Riding Hood birthday party supplies and party favors on Amazon



Red Riding Hood Party Foods

Red fruit punch
Big Red
Red Velvet Cake
Basket Cake
Red Hots
Cherry Sours
Red Lollipops
Popcorn served in red and white plastic containers
Red and white peppermint sticks
Red apples



Little Red Riding Hood Party Favor Ideas
Decorated cookies
Red Cape
Red and White candies such as lollipops, cherry sours, twizzlers or peppermint sticks
Prizes from the Red Riding Hood Treasure Hunt
Can of Big Red



Goody Bags
Small picnic baskets

Wrap party favors up inside a red bandana and tie up ends with raffia or ribbon

Red bags - fold down top and punch two holes through the fold - thread raffia or ribbon through the holes and tie in  a pretty bow

Small wicker baskets with handles - place a red bandana in the bottom of the basket and let it drape over the   sides

Red Chinese take out boxes - decorate the outside with white dot stickers



Little Red Riding Hood Party




Little Red Riding Hood Decorations

Decorate the birthday party like a wooded area. 

Use real or fake plants around the area and / or cut out paper trees from butcher block paper to hang on the walls. 

On the walkway leading towards the entrance trace wolf  paw prints with sidewalk chalk.  Place a big sign on the front door that reads "________ Woods" and fill in the blank with your last name.  

Make another sign pointing away from the first that says "Grandma's House".   

Around the party area hang signs that say "Beware of the Big Bad Wolf". 

Tables can be decorated in red and white checkered table cloths with solid color red plates and white flatware and napkins. 

Place red and white striped straws in a pretty clear glass on the table by the drinks. 

Red helium balloons tied to the backs of chairs at the birthday party table and all over the party area - tie them to a mailbox to show guests where the birthday is happening. 


An accent color such as light blue or yellow will compliment the red of the party.  Serve food in wicker baskets.   Topiaries covered with vines or red roses. 

Hang red paper lanterns from the ceiling around the room.








Truth or Dare

Sidewalk Chalk

Water Balloons


Backyard Games

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