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Horton Hears A Who
Birthday Party Theme

Horton Hears a Who Party Ideas

Fun ideas for a Horton Hears a Who birthday party

Horton Hears A Who Party Invitations
A fun idea for Horton Hears a Who invitations is to buy
solid grey invitations - blank inside.  On the outside of
the invitation draw a line with a green permanent marker
for the stem of the clover.  Then glue on a piece of pink
feather garland - the downy kind.  This makes a fun "clover".  On the inside of the invitation write the party details.

There are many versions of Horton Hears A Who
invitations that are already made up - check your local
retail store or look online if you don't want to make your own. 

Horton Hears a Who Birthday Party Decorations

Decorate the party area in a jungle theme using several different colors of green and brown crepe paper and balloons.  Trees are easy to make with crepe paper by attaching long strands of brown crepe paper high on the wall and letting the streams hang down to the floor.  For
the leaves of the tree use either green balloons or cut
large leaves out of tissue paper and tape onto the wall
near the top of the tree.  For vines - twist green tissue
paper into
long tubes and tape along walls, fireplaces and banisters. 

For a fun entrance to the party let guest walk through a "clover field" before they reach your front door.  Use small wrapped suckers (like dum-dums) and push the sticks into the ground about 1 - 2 inches.  Try and buy enough to
cover a large area. 

Decorate the table with a grey tablecloth and green or
pink plates, cups and flatware.  You can also use themed plates and cups.  Spread pink confetti (think clover field)
on the table. (For younger guests after placing the
confetti on the table cover it with a clear plastic tablecloth). 



Birthday Activities
Just like Horton looking for his clover you can send out
the birthday party guests on their own scavenger hunt. 
We have free scavenger hunt lists to print out here.  A
new spin on the scavenger hunt is the "Bigger Better"
hunt.  Send out two teams like you would a regular scavenger hunt only start both teams out with a small
item - a sucker, penny, paperclip etc.  For two teams
assign each team either odd or even numbered houses
so they won't be going to one house twice. 

Each team takes their object and tries to trade it for something bigger or better.  For example - at the first
 house they could trade their paperclip for a quarter
... then at the next house trade the quarter for a candy
bar ... and so on.  This is a really fun game and it is
exciting to see what the teams end up coming home with!  

Games for a Horton Hears a Who Party

Clover Ball Scoop
Set an empty bowl on a table and sprinkle small cotton
balls around the bowl. Blindfold the individual and hand him/her a spoon. Give him/her one minute to scoop as
many cotton balls into the bowl as possible before time is up!

Cotton balls

Clover Chop
Have the players sit down and give each two bowls and a pair of chopsticks. Fill one of the bowls with cotton balls
and players use the chopsticks to transfer the balls from
one bowl to the other.  The first player to transfer all their cotton balls wins!

Two bowls
Cotton balls
Chop Sticks

Listen for the Who

FoFor this game you will need two walkie talkies.  Hide one
of the walkie talkies somewhere in the house or yard
before guests arrive.  Before the game tell the party
guests that they must try and find the hidden walkie talkie.  The only clues they have is to listen closely for the
"Who's".  Have someone in the house make noises or
beeps on the other walkie talkie so it can be heard softly from the hidden one.  Make the children search for the noise.  First person to find it wins a small prize.   Kids
love this game so be prepared to hide it several times. 

Pin the clover on the elephant

Played just like pin the tail on the donkey - only use a
poster of Horton holding a clover. 

Party games for ages 7, 8 and 9

Party Games for 5 and 6 year olds

Birthday games for ages  10, 11, 12

For more fun games see our party games page

Horton Hears a Who Food Ideas
Fruit salad or fruit kabobs
Animal crackers or cookies
Cut round shapes using a cookie cutter or the bottom of a glass out of:
Jell-O Jigglers

Party Favors
Dum Dum suckers
Pink boas
Plastic elephants
Boxes of Animal Crackers

Goody / Loot Bags
Grey paper bags with pink tissue paper
Grey, green or pink Chinese take out containers

 Horton Hears a Who Party


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