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Birthstone Party Ideas


Birthstone birthday party theme ideas for kids


Birthstone colors are a great way to start building a theme for a birthday party. 


See our birthstone color chart to find out what birthstone is matched with the month you are having the party. 




Birthstone Party Invitations
Match the color of the invitation to the birthstone color.  Use different shades of the color or use the birthstone color and a complimentary color to highlight the birthstone color.

Use fun embellishments on the invitations such as matching rhinestones, boa feathers, buttons or stickers.

Find inexpensive costume rings in your birthstone color and slip the rolled up (like a tube) invitation inside the ring. 




Party Decorations
Decorate the Birthstone party with all shades of your birthstone color. 

Use streamers, boa feathers, balloons, tissue paper ... anything in your colors. 


Set up pretty clear vases on the party tables filled with either rhinestones, rocks, marbles, feathers, or buttons in your birthstone color. 

Use costume rings as napkin holders.  

Set out lots of rhinestone stickers and let the guests decorate their cups in their birthstone color. 



Birthstone Party Activities
Decorate wooden jewelry boxes (they have inexpensive ones at craft stores) with paint, feathers and rhinestones.

Decorate picture frames with boa feathers, buttons, or rhinestones.

Create fun flip flops with jewel colored fabric in different colors that match the guests birthstone colors.  Let them choose fabric in their own birthstone color.  You can use fabric, ribbon or a combination of both.  
See directions for our funky flip flops here.




Birthstone Party Games


See our party games page for lots of fun games to play at your party. 




Birthstone Party Favors
If you can find out ahead of time what the birthstone colors of your guests are you can buy party favors in their colors to send home with them after the party. 
Lip Gloss
Nail Polish
Fun toys in your birthstone color such as balls, bubbles, jump ropes, etc.



Goody / Loot Bags
Jewelry box
Jewel toned paper sacks with rhinestone stickers



Birthstone color chart  




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