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Troll Party Ideas


Trolls Birthday Party Ideas

Fun Trolls Birthday Party ideas!


Great ideas for Troll themed decorations, invitations, party games, activities, party favors, goody bags, party food and more!



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Troll Birthday Party Icebreaker Game
A fun icebreaker game to get the party started while guests are arriving for the Troll party.  In this guessing game party guests will try to guess how many Skittles (or other rainbow colored candy) are in a clear plastic jar.  The party guest who is the closest to the actual number wins the whole jar of candy at the end of the party!



Before the Troll party:
Fill a clear plastic jar with a large bags of skittles rainbow candies.  You will count the candy as you fill the jar.  Write down the total. Decorate the jar with a pretty rainbow ribbon or some pink fur fabric.  Set the jar on a table by the front door and place pens, pencils and rainbow pieces of paper around it.   


During the Troll party:
When guests arrive tell them about the game and give them a piece of paper and a pencil to write down their name and their guess.  Collect the guesses.  Near the end of the party announce who had the closest guess and that guest gets to take the container home.




Trolls Birthday Party Games


Troll Color Transfer
Skittles or M&M candies, straws, paper plates
The object of the game is for players to transfer their assigned candy color to their plate.
Set out a large plate full of candies and give each player a small paper plate and a straw.  Assign each player a color of candy that they will be transferring to their plate.  Players will take their straw and place it over a candy then suck up the air in the straw so the candy is lifted until they drop it onto their plate.  
Set a timer for 2 - 3 minutes or play until one player transfers 20 candies.  
* We found that the straight straws work better in this game then the bendy straws.



Troll Treasure Hunt
Items to hide in bright colors - Plastic eggs work great!    Party guests search for hidden treasure in their assigned color of the rainbow! 
You will need at least 10 of each item in each color of the rainbow.   Before the party hide the items around the party room, backyard or park.  Assign each guest a color and give them a set amount of time (5 - 10 minutes) to find their color of treasure. The kids can only touch the hidden items that are in their color. 
The party guest that collects the most items after the time limit wins! 

Kids love this Trolls birthday party game so they may want to play a few rounds.  To continue after the first round .... remove half of the children to a room away from the area where the items are being hidden.  Have the remaining children hide the items of the first group.  Then call the first group out to find the hidden items.  Reverse the order so everyone gets to hide the items and also gets to find them again.




Troll Pot of Gold Treasure Hunt
Instead of the Troll Treasure Hunt a great alternative is the Pot of Gold Treasure Hunt.  You can hide gold coins all over the play area for the guests to find.  On some of the coins write a number in permanent marker and have prizes that correspond with that number.  So when a child finds a coin with a number they can turn it in for a prize. 

Or you can make a treasure hunt that leads guests through a series of clues to find the pot of gold at the end.  See the Treasure Hunt for instructions and ideas.



Rainbow Troll Tag
Large area for the kids to play
This fun game's object is for the players to avoid being caught by the Bergen.
First: Choose a “Bergen” who will be it during the first round. The Bergen stands in the middle of the play area. Next (without the Bergen hearing) assign all the remaining players different colors of the rainbow. Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple.
Players then line up on one side of the play area.  
The Bergen troll catcher calls out a color.


All the players that have been assigned that color try and run past the Bergen to the other side of the play area. The Bergen tries to tag as many of children as they can before they reach the other side. The kids who are tagged become Bergen troll catchers and stand in the middle to help tag other players on the next round. Sometimes the Bergen can yell “Rainbow!!” and all the players must try and reach the other side. The last person caught becomes the new Bergen and the game starts again.



Rainbow Rain Relay
Play outside because the kids will get wet.
Fill the rain barrels (plastic tubs) with water and set them at the far end of the course.  Place two smaller see through plastic jars at the starting point where the teams will line up for the game.  Give each team a white sponge (cloud) and tell them that one at a time they will run to the rain barrel, get the sponge wet and then run back to their jar and squeeze the water into it. Then the next person in line takes a turn.    

For younger children you can also play games like Candy Land and Twister. 
See our Birthday Party Games page for more games.

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Troll Party Activities


Troll Flip-flops
If your party will be mostly girls this is a fun craft.  See our Funky Flip Flop page on how to make the flip flops.  Use different colored flip flops and rainbow colored material.

Trolls Dance

Play fast music and have the kids dance freestyle.  Then stop the music and everyone must stop dancing and "freeze" in that position.   Then say "Unfreeze dance!" and everyone starts dancing again!  Great game for younger kids.


Trolls Party Food Ideas

Cotton Candy (troll hair)

Rainbow Troll Fruit Kabobs
Skewer one of each fruit on a kabob stick - strawberries (red), oranges (orange), pineapple pieces (yellow), kiwi slices (green), blueberries (blue) , grapes (purple)

Rainbow Sherbet Punch

Rainbow Pepperidge Farm fish crackers

Rainbow sherbet

Troll Ice Cream Bar
Set up a colorful ice cream bar with separate dishes to hold different colored candies to top their ice cream. 

Troll Cookie or Cupcake Bar
Let guests decorate their own large cookies or cupcakes - set out separate dishes of frosting in the rainbow colors.  Let them decorate with rainbow sprinkles or other candies.

Troll Party Decorations

Make Troll party hats for guests using tulle and headbands.

Make a rainbow backdrop for photos using plastic tablecloths hung from the ceiling in the colors of the rainbow. 

Use solid color aqua, pink or white table cloths to make the party ware and decorations "pop".  Sprinkle party table with rainbow colored confetti, then place a clear plastic table cloth over the confetti.  In glass jars place large lollipops, rainbow colored flowers or rainbow colored candies tied with pretty rainbow ribbons.   

Using the colors of the rainbow cut crepe paper into 7" lengths and tape them in rainbow color order to hang down over fireplaces, stairways, arches or entryways. 

Tie rainbow colored balloons to your mailbox.

Make a colorful rainbow pathway to your front door using rainbow printed flags, pinwheels or suckers pushed into the ground. 

Trolls Party Favors

Small Troll dolls
Fuzzy fur rings
Large suckers
Rainbow colored pinwheels
Crayons or paint sets
Fuzzy pink or blue keychains or zipper pulls
Fuzzy fur topped pencils
Bagged cotton candy (troll hair!)

Trolls Party Goody / Loot Bag ideas

Buy Solid color bags in rainbow colors  -  tie a pretty rainbow ribbon on the top.

Attach pink fur to the tops of pink or aqua blue bags.  Tie with a ribbon.


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