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Llama Birthday Party Ideas


Llama colorful party hat

Llama birthday parties are very popular with kids, tweens and teens of all ages!  There are so many fun ways to create a llama theme using bold or pastel colors, having a cool llama, fortnite or southwestern theme llama party can all be whatever the birthday child likes the best.  We've listed our favorite llama party ideas including llama party games, llama party food ideas, decorations, invitations, activities, party favors and much more. 

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Choose your favorite party ideas and combine them for the perfect llama themed birthday party.

Llama Birthday Party Games


Catch the Llama Tail Game
This is a unique game of tag where the llama tries to catch it's tail. 
All the players line up next to each other and hold hands.  During the game the players can not let go of the hands of the other players.  Choose one end of the line to be the llama's head and the other end of the line to be the llama's tail. 

The game begins and the player who is the head of the llama tries to tag the player who is the tail of the llama.  The head of the llama has to try to maneuver around the other players to touch the tail.  The tail of the llama tries to hide behind the line of players that make up the llama body. When the head player does touch the tail then the head player goes to the other end of the line and becomes the tail.  Then the player that was right behind the previous head becomes the new Llama head and a new round begins.  Play until each player has had a chance to be in both the head and tail positions of the llama's line.


Llama Herding Party Game

Players will try to herd 3 llamas (balloons) at once to the other side of the game area, around a cone (or chair) and then back to their team. 
Each team will need 3 balloons and 1 broom. (Have extra balloons inflated just in case on of the balloons pops during the game.)
Before the birthday party inflate colorful balloons that will represent the llamas.  To make it easy to see which balloons belong to each team you could inflate 3 of the same color balloons for each team - with each team having a different color. 

Divide party guests into 2 teams (or more if you have a large group).   One child per team starts and must herd the three llama balloons to the opposite side of the room and back.  Then the next person in line of their team takes the broom and herds the llamas along the same course until all players have had a turn.  The first team to get all their players and all their llamas back to the starting point wins!

Variation: Place a hula hoop at the other end of the game area and the players must herd their unicorn balloons inside the hula hoop and then back to the starting line.




Cactus Ring Toss Party Game

Players try to throw rings onto a cactus for points.

You will need an inflatable or wooden cactus and several rings to play this fun llama party game.  Set the cactus in the game area and then mark off a line where the players will stand with masking tape about 5 feet from the cactus.  One at a time the players will stand at the line and try to throw the rings onto the cactus.  Give 1 point for each ring that stays on the cactus.  Give each player 5 turns.  Play for fun or keep score and give out small prizes to the top top 3 winners.



Pin the Tail on the Llama

Players try to pin a tail on a large poster of a llama while blindfolded.

You will need a large poster of a llama and a cut out version of a llama tail for each player. 

Place tape of the backside of the tails and give one to each player.  One at a time blindfold a player, spin them around 3 times and then point them in the direction of the llama poster.  The player will try to place their llama tail on the poster closest to the actual tail on the poster.  The player that gets the closest to the original tail wins a small prize.





Llama Party Activities


Cactus Pinata

Pinatas are always a favorite birthday party game and activity for kids.  Make or buy a cactus pinata and fill with candies and small toys.  Hang up the pinata and let the guests try to break it open to let the treats inside spill out.  See our Pinata page for helpful hints and suggestions on how to hang and set up a pinata game. As an activity before the pinata game have the guests decorate paper sacks or bags with llama stickers and their name so they will have something to collect their pinata prizes during the game.



Adopt a Llama

This is a fun activity that can also double as a party favor that the guests can take home with them after the party.  You will need stuffed llamas in several different colors.  Make an adoption certificate and let the party guests choose a llama, fill out the adoption certificate with their llamas new name and take home both from the party.  The kids will have fun choosing a llama, picking out a name for it and then taking it home with them.


Certificate of Adoption

This certifies that _______________ has officially adopted ____________ (llama's name) on ___________ (date).  Then have a signature space at the bottom for the party guests to sign the certificate. 


You can also add blanks for color, eye color, characteristics, etc. 




Llama Birthday Party Decorations

Llama parties can be decorated many different ways, but all of them include lots of color.  Decorating for a Llama party is made easy by choosing the colors you want and then buying the tablecloths, napkins, plates, silverware in solid shades of those colors.  Then make (or buy) tassel banners and/or pom pom strings in those same colors to string over the cake and food tables along with other areas of the party.


Decorate with cactus, succulents, balloons and colorful candies and food items on the party table.  




Llama Party Favors



Small potted cactus or succulant

Llama necklaces or bracelets

Cactus keychain

Llama ears

Cotton candy (llama wool)

Small stuffed llama toy

Slap bracelets

Small colorful bottles of bubbles

Small miniture llama pinatas

Stamps of cactus

Pom pom necklaces or bracelets



Llama Birthday Party Goody Bags

Decorate white paper bags with pom pom fringe and fill with party favors.

Decorate green paper bags to look like cactus and fill with party treats.

Decorate colorful bags with tassel fringe.

Tote bags with a colorful design or pom pom fringe or tassels




Some fun Llama themed puns and play on words for llama birthday signs, banners or invitatons:

"Thanks a Llama"

"That was a llama fun!"

"No drama llama"

"A whole llama fun!"

"Welcome to the Llama - Rama!" - welcome sign for the front of the house or party area

"Keep being Llamazing!"

"No probllama"







Truth or Dare

Sidewalk Chalk

Water Balloons


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