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Toddler party ideas for children in the toddler age range 1, 2 and 3 years old

Favorite party ideas for toddlers on one page for easy access while planning a party.  

Along with party games, activities, party food and favor ideas we've included some great party tips from parents to make the birthday event run smoothly.

Toddler Party Games

Toddler Birthday Activities

Toddler Party Favor ideas

Toddler Party Food ideas

Toddler Birthday Party tips  


Toddler Party Games

Blowing Bubbles
Toddlers love to play with bubbles.   There are many fun games you can play with the kids using a large bottle of bubbles and a few different wands.  

1.  Popping Bubbles
Tell the toddlers to try and pop the bubbles before they touch the ground.   Have the kids stand or sit around you in a semi-circle and have an adult sit in front of them and blow bubbles.  Help the younger toddlers pop them with their fingers or in a clapping motion.

2.  Blowing Bubbles
Let the kids blow bubbles using a wand that they hold or have an adult hold the bubble wand for them.

3.  Bubble Chase
Blow bubbles and let the kids chase them around the yard.  For this game the kids don't pop the bubbles, they just see how long they can follow one bubble before it pops. 

Give away bubbles as party favors - print out large labels with your child's picture  and "Thank you for sharing my ___ birthday!" 

More bubble games: 
See our huge list of fun games to play with bubbles .


Bubble Recipe:
Make your own homemade bubbles with these great bubble recipes

Color Time!
Give each toddler a large white poster board and let them use crayons or washable markers to color in the whole poster board.   Tape the poster board to the table so it doesn't move around ... or if it is a nice day tape them to a fence to make an outdoor easel.

Duck Duck Goose Game

Toddlers sit in circle on the floor.   Choose one child to start the game.   They walk around the outside of the circle patting each child on the head as they walk around.   For each child they will call out "Duck", "Duck", "Duck" and when they choose a child to be the goose they pat them on the head and call out "Goose!".   After they choose the "goose" they have to try and run around the circle and sit in the goose's place before the "goose" can get up and catch them.   Both children have to run the same direction.   If the goose doesn’t tag the first player then the goose becomes "it" and the game starts again.

Duck Pond
Toddlers choose a duck from the "pond" and win a prize that matches the number on the bottom of the duck.   This game is fun and easy!  Before the party buy small prizes and assign them a number.  On the bottom of the ducks write a number that matches the prize numbers in permanent marker.  If a child picks up a duck with the number 3 on the bottom then they receive a prize that is marked 3.    You can also make some ducks have a * on the bottom which is players choice of prizes.   Give the ducks away as party favors after the party.


Hokey Pokey
Toddlers love this active game.   Stand with the toddlers in a large circle and begin to sing the Hokey Pokey song ... "Put your right arm in, take your right out, put your right arm in and shake it all about "... don't worry if they get the correct arm - they will have fun no matter what arm they put in!  "You do the Hokey Pokey and you turn yourself around (turn around) and that's what it's all about!"  Continue the song substituting left arm, right leg, left leg, head and whole body using the same verse. 


Fishing Game
Kids get prizes from mystery fish!  A fun game that keeps the kids wondering who is in the water giving out the prizes!  You will need lots of small prizes to give away because kids like to play this game over and over.  

Make a fishing pole from a stick or bamboo pole by tying string to one end and a clothespin to the other end. The water needs to be big enough for the "fish" not to be seen - an appliance or large cardboard box will work ... or simply place a blue tablecloth over a table and have the fish sit under it.  

Kids will throw their line over into the water and the "fish" attach a prize to their line using the clothespin. 


Freeze Dancing
Toddlers love to dance and this game makes it even more fun!  Play some dancing music and have the kids dance.  Tell them that when the music stops they have to freeze and not move until the music starts again.  Play the music and then stop it and have everyone freeze ... then start the music again, and again, and again! 


Kids turning 2, 3 and 4 love parades. Make your own birthday party parade by giving children musical instruments - drums, shakers, horns, etc. and have them follow you around the house or yard playing their "birthday song".    Or have the children follow you with streamers or ribbons and have a dance parade.  If the children all have doll strollers or wagons let them parade with their dolls and stuffed animals. 


Prize Walk Birthday Game
A fun party game and also a fun way for the kids to learn their numbers.  It is played similar to a cake walk ... instead of giving cakes as prizes you give out small prizes or candy.  You could also give out cupcakes.  You will need to write the numbers one through twelve on colorful paper and tape them to the floor in a circle.   Explain to the kids that while the music plays they will walk around the numbers on the circle and when they hear the music stop they will stop on the the number they are standing on.  When the music stops roll two dice.  The number on the dice is the number on the floor that wins a prize.


Ring around the rosy
Children stand in a circle holding hands and walk around in a circle while they sing "Ring around the rosy, a pocket full of posies, ashes, ashes we all ... fall ... down!"  After singing "all fall down", children fall to the ground.  Then repeat! 

Sidewalk chalk
Give children large sticks of chalk and let them draw on the sidewalk, porch are fun for all ages!  
Use our sidewalk chalk games and activities idea page for inspiration!  Over 30 fun ways to use sidewalk chalk.

Sock Bean Bag Toss
You will need several new socks in bright colors filled with beans and then tied with a knot to close them.  Make targets using buckets or laundry baskets.  Set them at different distances from the toddlers and take turns throwing the socks into the baskets. 

Treasure Hunting Game

Choose large plastic eggs, balls, party favors or any item from your birthday party theme and hide around the living room, backyard or park while the children aren't looking.  Hold up one item like the ones you have hidden and tell them to search and find the items.  The one who finds the most items gets to help hide the objects for the next round.  Have children return the items to a basket and hide the items again... and again.   Extra ... after the games divide the treasure hunt items equally and send them home as party favors.  

More Toddler Party Games


Toddler Birthday Activities


Party Stations
Set up several party stations for the toddlers to go between.  Some toddler friendly ideas are:

Block station - let the kids build with blocks.   You can have an adult at the table encouraging them to complete a task such as building a high tower by them self or working together to build one tower.


Play Dough - Set out cookie cutters and rollers and let them make a birthday cake or their own creation.
We have some great homemade Play Dough recipes you can use.


Art Station - Let the kids fingers paint or color pictures that they can take home with them after the party.



Bounce House
A bounce house is always a great way to use up some of a toddler's extra energy!


Decorate Cupcakes or Cookies
Give each child a cupcake or a large cookie and let them decorate it with sprinkles and candies.  To make it easier you might want to give each child their own plastic bowl with candies they can use for their cupcake or cookie.  Have adult put icing on for the kids.


Toddler Party Favor Ideas
Coloring book and crayons
Packages of goldfish crackers
Small containers of play dough
Small stuffed animal
Finger puppets
Board book


Toddler Party Food Ideas
Animal Crackers
Goldfish Crackers
Fruit (cut up in small pieces) with yogurt dip
Cotton candy
Ice Cream in cups or cones
Macaroni and cheese

Toddler Party Tips
Some tips from Toddler Mom's and Dad's who have been through toddler parties:


Keep the party size small - 3 - 5 toddlers is a good size.  If you have a larger party make sure there are a lot of adults to help! 


Plan for the party to be an hour and a half at the very most.   Anything over 1 1/2 hours is pushing what a toddler can handle.  


Schedule the party for after nap time.


Ask parents of the toddlers to stay for the party.   You can set up an adult area with soda's and snacks just for them to enjoy. 

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