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Lemonade Birthday Party Ideas

Lemonade birthday party ideas! Fun/creative ideas to throw a lemonade themed party. Includes fun lemonade party activities, crafts, decorations, and food ideas. All our great ideas can also be used for a Lemonade stand, lemonade tea party or Pink Lemonade party!

Lemonade Party Decorations

Fun ideas for a lemonade stand party decorations that are easy to make and inexpensive too!

Cover a table with overlapping pink and yellow plastic tablecloths. String plastic lemons through a thread and drape the stringed lemons over the front of the table. Blow up pink/yellow, pink/white, yellow/white balloons to create an arc over the table.

Cover a table with a pink and white striped table cover. Blow up pink and white/ pink and yellow balloons in an arc over the table. Use poster board to create a sign that states “___________ lemonade stand.”


Try our inexpensive and easy to make yellow and pink balloon garland as one of the lemonade birthday party decorations!

Use two drink dispensers and fill with lemonade and pink lemonade. Set up plastic cups and bowls filled with fresh strawberries, raspberries, watermelon, (any fresh fruit) allow the partygoers to create their own unique fruity lemonade.

Pink and white striped table cover with pink and white balloons arching over the table. Over the table create a banner that states “______ lemonade stand.”

Lemonade and Lemonade stand party decorations and supplies on Amazon

Lemonade Party Food Ideas


Serve up yummy treats for all your Lemonade stand party guests!

Make vanilla cupcakes and then color the frosting pink/yellow. Cut Twizzler pieces into 1-inch sections and place on the icing to look like a straw.

Lemonade popsicles:
Make preferred flavor of lemonade and freeze into popsicle molds. Add pieces of strawberry/ preferred fruit to make more fun!

Make vanilla cupcakes and fill them in the shape of a lemon. Add yellow icing to the cupcakes and ice together to give the shape of a pull-apart cake.
Make vanilla cupcakes and shape in a rectangle. Add pink/yellow icing to the cupcakes to create the illusion of a glass of lemonade.

Place a bowl of Lemonheads on the table.
Sort Pink and yellow M&Ms and place them in a bowl
Lemon flavored cookies.


Lemonade Party Recipes


Pink Lemonade Recipe

2 Cups Sugar

2 Cups fresh squeezed lemon juice

1 Cup chilled cranberry juice

10 Cups water


2 Lemons

Dissolve the sugar in the water in a large pitcher.  Add in lemon juice and cranberry juice.  Stir well. 

Serve over ice with fresh lemon slices as a garnish.




How To Make Blue Lemonade Party Punch 


1 gallon Lemonade (premade or use powder mix)

1 gallon Blue Drink (Powerade, Berry Blue Typhoon Hawaiian Punch ect.)

2 liter bottle of clear soda (Sprite, 7Up, Sierra Mist)

Sliced lemons for garnish

  • In a large container mix equal parts of lemonade and blue drink together.
  • Add in clear soda a cup at a time until it is a sweet as you would like it to be.
  • Stir  together and garnish with sliced lemons.


Fun Lemonade Party Sayings to use:
1. When life gives you lemons, throw a party!
2. Squeeze the day!
3. Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!
4. Lemonade, sunshine, and fun!

Lemonade Party Games

Fun lemonade themed party games for girls and boys of all ages.

1. Pin the lemon on the tree
Use construction paper and draw a tree and place it on the wall. Cut out yellow construction paper in the shape of lemons and give one to each participant.
Blindfold the participant and spin them around three times. The contestant will then attempt to place their lemon on the branches of the tree. Whoever gets the closest to the branches wins the game!

2. Lemonade race game
Place the partiers in even groups of 3. Put each team in a line next to each other. At the starting line, place a bucket of water, a bucket of “sugar” (they will not be eating this so you can use sand or anything that looks like sugar) and a bucket of lemons. Across the room place each “lemonade stand” a bowl for the lemons, a bowl for the water and a bowl for the sugar. Each team will make their lemonade recipe: 4 lemons, 2 cups of sugar and 2 cups of water. The first person in line will place 1 lemon on a spoon and run to the lemon bowl. If they drop the lemon, they must start over. They will continue running back and forth until they have transported all the lemons to their station. The second person in line will have to cup their hands run back and forth filling up their water bowl to the line they will keep going until they reach the line. The third person in line will run back and forth using their hands to transport the sugar to reach the line. The first team to have all ingredients in their lemonade station wins!

3. Guess the lemon heads
Place a set number of Lemonheads in a jar. Ask party guests to guess how many are in the jar. Write down their answers. Whoever guesses the correct number of Lemonheads in the jar wins the game! Give the jar of candies away as a prize to the winner!

4. Lemon Ski ball!
Give each player 5 “lemons” you can use tennis balls if you do not want to use real lemons. Place different size buckets/containers throughout the yard/room. The closer/larger the bucket the fewer points. Have the players stand behind a line and throw their lemons. Whoever gets the most points wins!

5. Bobbing for lemons
place 4 lemons in a bucket of water. Set a timer for 30 seconds, whoever can get the most lemons in the 30 seconds wins.

6. Guess the lemonade flavors
Blindfold the players and place 4 different flavors of lemonade in front of them. (Pink, yellow, strawberry, watermelon, etc. you can make this as easy or hard as you would like.) Have the players taste the lemonade. Whoever can guess the most flavors correctly wins.

See our Party Games page full of more fun lemonade party games!

Lemonade Birthday Party Crafts

1. Make your own lemonade: Use the lemonade and fresh fruit to make crazy lemonade flavors.

2. Lemon stick figures: Cut out construction paper lemons and have the party-goers add googly eyes, and preferred designs to their lemon stick figure.

3. Build your own lemonade stand: Give players popsicle sticks, pipe cleaners, and various tools and time them for 5 minutes. See who can build the best lemonade stand.

Lemonade Party Favors
Fill party bags with fun-sized lemon heads, crystal light lemonade packets, lemonade flavored gum, and sorted yellow/pink M&Ms. You can find lemon pencils and more party favors on Amazon!




Lemons and lemonade stand for a lemonade party







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