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Large Balloon Garland

How To Make a Large Balloon Garland


Make a large and inexpensive balloon garland with just $3.00 worth of balloons from the Dollar Store! Super easy to put together and looks so expensive!

Perfect to hang over a birthday party food table, as a large party decoration or over an entrance.  This Balloon Garland used 3 packages of balloons and measures over 8 feet in length!


balloon garland


balloon garland side view


How To Make An Easy and Inexpensive Balloon Garland


This is an 8 foot balloon garland made from 3 packages of balloons from the Dollar Store.  Each package had 15 balloons so about 45 balloons to make this garland.  The Dollar Store has several colors to choose from: White, pink, yellow, blue, purple, red, green and black.  It's easy to find the right color combination to match your party theme.  We made this pink, yellow and white balloon garland to go with the Lemonade party theme page.



What You Need To Make A Balloon Garland


 Cotton twine or string




Balloon Pump

Coordinating artificial flowers or greenery




Make A Cheap Balloon Garland


1.  Choose 3 colors of balloons that match your party theme.


2.  Blow up all of the balloons and place them in 3 trash bags.  One color per bag.  This will make it easy to assemble the balloon garland and easy to transport if you are decorating a venue.


Tip:  Make 3 sizes of balloons when blowing them up.  Small, medium and large.  I like the look of each color being 1 size, but you can mix up the sizes if you prefer. 


The sizes in this garland are: small / white, medium / yellow and large / pink. 

Each color of balloon had the same amount of pumps of air from the hand air balloon pump:

Small balloons = 15

Medium = 20

Large = 25


Adjust how many pumps of air each group has by how you want the balloons to look.


3.  Cut 3" lengths of twine or string.  You will need one 3" piece for each balloon.


4.  Tie the 3" pieces of string to the neck of each balloon.


5.  Measure out a large piece of string at least 10 feet long.  This will be your balloon garland base.  I tied one end to a dining room chair and laid the length of string across my dining room table so the balloons would have support while attaching them to the string.  (By using the string method the balloons are easy to move up and down the string and arrange before and after you hang them on a wall.)  Tie the other end of the string to another chair.


6.  Start at one end of the string and tie the balloons onto the string one at a time. Pink, yellow, white ... pink, yellow, white.. etc.


7.  When all of the balloons are tied on the string push them together and arrange.  Tie off the end of the strings with large bows or knots so that the balloons can not come off the string.


8.  Hang on a wall behind the party food table or as a photo prop or backdrop with Command Hooks.  You may need 3 hooks (one to support the center) depending on the size of the garland.


9.  Embellish with coordinating artificial flowers or greenery. 


The balloons look good for about 5 days so you can make this garland ahead of time.


balloon garland step by step instruction pictures


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