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Fall Dares

Fall dares for the game of Truth or Dare

Fun Fall themed Dares for the game of Truth or Dare.

All the Dares have a Fall / Autumn / Thanksgiving / Harvest / Halloween Party theme.   Funny, crazy and lots of fun for kids, tweens and teenage parties. 

Clean and rated G.  Fun for everyone! 

Use these Dares in the game of Truth or Dare at Fall sleepovers, classroom parties or family occasions. 

How to play Truth or Dare
See the rules, set up and instructions on how to play the game of Truth or Dare.

Print out the Fall Dares and cut them into strips.  Place in a container.  During the game if players don't want to answer a truth question then they have to reach into the container and pull out a Fall Dare. 


Fall Dares
free to print out but if using on a website please link back to

If a dare has a time limit attached to it then the player must do it for the full time. 

If they get another action to do they must do them both at the same time.  Very funny when there are multiple things going on during the game at the same time!

1.   Tell each player why you are thankful for them.
2.   Make up a dance while singing the Monster Mash song.
3.  Howl at the moon.
4.  Act like you are on a float in the Macy's parade for the rest of the game. 
5.  Make up a rap song about Falling Leaves.
6.  Convince everyone why candy corn is the greatest.
7.  You are the scarecrow from Wizard of Oz  for the rest of the game.
8.  Carry a pumpkin around for the rest of the game.
9.  Do the Thriller dance.
10.  You're a turkey afraid of Thanksgiving for the rest of the game.
11. Say "do you want pumpkin spice with that" after anyone says anything for the rest of the game.
12. Go rake leaves in the yard.
13. Dance around the other players like a falling leaf.
14. Pretend to fight a strong blowing wind for the rest of the game.
15. Say "I'm a sunflower" when anyone asks a question.
16.  Trick or treat to all the people in the house until you collect 1 item from each person.
17. Stack 20 candy corn candies upright.
18. Sing the Adams Family theme song.
19. You're a crow for the next hour.
20. Make up a song about pumpkins and sing it.
21. Be a spider for the next hour.
22. Jump into an imaginary pile of leave every 5 minutes
23. You're a growing pumpkin for the next hour.
24. You're a pilgrim at the first Thanksgiving for the next hour.
25. Collect imaginary leaves from around the room for the next 30 minutes.
26. Balance a pumpkin on your head for the rest of the game.
27. Be the biggest football fan for the rest of the game.

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