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Baseball Birthday Party Ideas

  Baseball themed birthday party ideas


Baseball Theme Ideas for a Birthday Party

Hit the ball out of the park with these fun and easy birthday party ideas with a Baseball theme. 

Baseball party games, activities and also ideas for decorations, invitations, favors, goody bags and party food. 

The perfect birthday party ideas for the baseball fan!

Baseball Party Invitation Ideas

Create a Sport or Event type ticket with your child's name as the Main event.  There are many types of baseball tickets - make a mock copy of your favorite teams ticket.  Check Flickr for examples.  Not crafty? There are many online stores that sell Event Ticket theme invitations.

Make or buy invitations that are the size and shape of baseballs, baseball fields, hotdogs or crackerjacks. 

Print out party information on a large mailing label and stick to packages of crackerjacks ... then hand out to the people you want to invite.   

If you have, or can buy, several used baseballs - write party information on them with a ball point pen or permanent marker and hand out to party guests. 


Baseball Party Decorations

Decorate your Baseball theme party using your favorite baseball team colors.

Use balloons and streamers to make it festive. 

Make or buy team pennants to hang on the walls along with baseball jerseys and team/player posters. 

Cover tables with green tablecloths and set
them at an angle like a baseball diamond - place bases around the edges. 

Paint a fake crowd scene on cardboard or poster board and place behind the tables for the bleachers. 

On the party tables put out baseballs, trophies, gloves and baseball cards.  

Fun Ideas for a Baseball Party
Take the birthday party guests to the batting cage and let them hit several rounds of baseballs. If you will be having your party outside make a large baseball diamond on the ground using chalk or spray paint.  Set up stands using picnic tables.

Have parents and older helpers dress up like umpires.

Have guests sign a baseball to give to the birthday child to keep as a great memento of the day.

Games for a Baseball Theme Party
Gather baseball cards and play name that player - or name the stats.  Compete to find out who can answer the most questions correctly.   

World Series
Everyone will need paper and a pencil.  Ask them to write down as
many of the World Series winners - and the years! - that they can.  Present the winner with a small prize or baseball cards.

Play Wiffle ball
same rules as baseball, just safer for the backyard. 

Set up carnival type games using baseball skills such as:
Knocking over a pyramid of bottles with a baseball
Throw a baseball (or beanbag) through holes on a cardboard cutout for accuracy.  (Paint the cardboard so it looks like a baseball diamond).

Pin the Baseball on the Diamond
Played just like the game pin the tail on the donkey only have the guests pin a baseball on a baseball diamond.  The closest one to
home plate wins!

Fun competitions:
Who can throw the baseball the farthest?
Who can hit the baseball the farthest?
Longest slide?
Who can get to base the fastest and not get out - put player in between two bases with players on each base trying to tag him out.

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Baseball Party Activities
Tie up a baseball themed piñata and give the kids some batting practice trying to open it. Rent a Baseball / Sports theme bounce house or
moonwalk - some even have batting cages.

Attend a Major or Minor League baseball game.  Most leagues have special prices and seating for birthday parties.  Many will have food, baseball hats, autographs and cake included in their price.  See individual team websites.

Make large Baseball pennants in your teams colors.  Kids can decorate them using foam stickers, cut-outs or glue/glitter.

Baseball Party Food Ideas
Set out a table full of baseball park favorites:
Cotton Candy
Cracker Jacks
For desserts serve ice cream and cake in small plastic baseball helmets (these also make a great party favor and/or Goody Bag!). 
Cupcakes frosted with white icing and piped on baseball laces in red or black frosting

Baseball Party Favors
Plastic baseball helmets
Baseball themed pens and pencils
Baseball cards - check with the major league websites to see if they offer free cards
Shaped baseball theme candy
Baseball team related items - check with major   league baseball websites to see if they will send free items.
Baseball team stickers
Team posters

Baseball Goody Bags

Fill small baseball theme helmets with small toys and candy
Baseball theme cups or mugs
Baseball caps
Baseball theme bandanas - tie around party favors
Empty plastic popcorn or hotdog holders
Cracker Jack themed boxes or bags Add to these Baseball Birthday Party Ideas - share your ideas

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Baseball birthday party ideas

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