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Valentines Party Games


Valentines Day party games for kids, tweens and teens



Valentines Party Games and Activities 

Fun games, activities and ideas for Valentines Day parties and classroom parties!


Great for boys and girls, kids, tweens and teenage parties.


Easy and inexpensive games (most have free Valentine's Day themed lists to print out) with set up and playing instructions.

Free scavenger hunt list to print out!


Valentine's Day party supplies from Amazon


Enjoy these easy and fun game and activity ideas at any Valentines Day party or themed birthday party.





Valentines Party Games

Valentines Day Scavenger Hunt
There are 30 fun Valentine things to hunt for in this Scavenger Hunt!

To play divide guests in to 2 teams.   Both teams will need a copy of the scavenger hunt list.  

Give each team a container (basket, extra large Ziploc baggie) to hold the items they find and a pen or pencil to cross off things they collect. 

Assign one team odd number houses and the other team even numbered houses to avoid both teams visiting the same houses.

Set a time limit ( 1 - 1.5 hours) and give the first team that arrives before the time limit has expired a 5 point bonus.   A team that arrives after the time limit receives a 1 point penalty for each minute they are late.  

Each item can be worth 1 point, or you can assign more points to items that are harder to find.   One item per house.   For safety make sure an adult stays with each group. 

Valentine's Day Scavenger Hunt List

1.   An item that is pink
2.   A store coupon with an expiration date in February
3.   14 red things - can't be the same item twice
4.   A heart sticker
5.   Picture of Cupid
6.   Arrow
7.   Pink stuffed bear
8.   Chocolate kiss
9.   Cologne sample
10. Red, pink or purple tissue paper
11. Ring
12. Conversation heart candy
13. Item with an X on it
14. Item with an O on it
15. Rose
16. Valentines Day Card
17. Paper heart or flower
18. Red, pink or white balloon
19. Item with "Love" on it
20. Wedding invitation
21. Rubber band - red, pink or white
22. Heart Cookie
23. Shopping Bag - red or pink
24. Red or pink candle
25. Love Poem
26. Queen of Hearts (playing card)
27. Empty box of chocolates
28. Lyrics to a romantic song
29. Plastic Champagne glass
30. Restaurant menu

Valentine Day Minute To Win It Games
15 of the best Minute to Win It Games with a Valentine's Day theme - Valentine's Day Minute To Win It Game

Valentine's Day Would You Rather Game
Fun game with free printable questions!  Ask players "Would you Rather" and they have to choose from 2 funny answers.  Great for classroom parties and large groups. - Valentine's Day Would You Rather Game

Valentine's Day Charades

Copy the Valentine's Day charades ideas onto pieces of paper.   Assign someone that is not playing the game to keep score and be the time keeper.   Place the charade ideas into a basket, box or bag.  Divide players into two teams.   Choose a team to go first and they will have one of their players choose a charade from the container.   They then have one minute to act out the charade they picked and have their team guess what they are acting out.   After a 1 minute the time keeper will call time and the other team can guess the charade.   Team that answers correctly receives 1 point.  The first team to reach 10 points is the winner.   For a free list and detailed directions see our Valentine's Day Charades Game page.






Candy Conversation Heart Charade Game
This game is played just like the Valentines Charade game (see above), but instead of writing out the ideas on pieces of paper you use the candy conversation hearts.   

Place the candies in a bag and have the players act out what is written on the hearts.

Before the game starts make sure the heart candies are not duplicated. 




Valentine's Day Cupcake Walk
A fun game that is just like a cake walk only you use individual cupcakes for prizes.  
For the game floor you will need a large area.   Cut out 25 large hearts from poster board or construction paper and number them 1 through 25.  Cut out smaller hearts and number them 1 through 25.  Place these in a basket or bag.     Arrange the large hearts on the floor in a heart pattern.   Have the players stand on a heart and when the music begins the players walk from one heart to the next one way in a circle.   Stop the music and pull a number from the basket.   The players who is standing on the number of the heart that is pulled wins a cupcake.   That player sits down and the game continues until everyone has received a cupcake. 

Counting Kisses

Fill a large see-through container with several bags of chocolate kisses (or other valentine candy such as conversation hearts, chocolate hearts or red hots for a real challenge!) making sure to count each candy as it is placed in the container.   Write the number of candies in the jar on a piece of paper and put it in a safe place.   Ask players to write down their name and a guess of how many pieces of candy are in the jar on a piece of red paper.   After everyone has had a chance to write down a guess tell everyone the real number of candies in the jar and find who guessed the closest to that number.    As a prize the winner can receive the jar of candy!

X's and 0's Tic Tac Toe
Create a very large square tic tac toe board from butcher paper, two poster boards or a table cloth.   The lines for the tic tac toe square can be easily made using duct tape.   Use pink and red bean bags (or paint rocks red and pink) for the markers.   The players have 5 bean bags each and take their 5 turns at one time trying to make 3 in a row vertically, diagonally or horizontal.  
To play with teams write "o's" and "x's" on each bean bag and by taking turns see who can win at tic tac toe.

Crowded Musical Chairs

A great game for kids of all ages and especially funny with a large group.   Play just as you would the game of Musical Chairs however after each round a chair is removed from the game and all the players remain.  Players have to double up and will have to sit on others laps when the music stops.   Everyone will win in the end and the game progressively gets harder each round. 

Conversation Heart Stack
Give each player a cupful of Candy Conversation Hearts and see who can make the tallest stack.  
Another fun way to play is to set a timer to 5 minutes and see who can make their stack the tallest.   Some stacks will come crashing down and give others a chance to catch up! 


Gather players and have them stand in a large circle.   Give a red ball or bean bag to one of the players and tell them to call out another players name and then toss the ball to them.   The person who catches the ball then calls out another players name and tosses the ball to them.

Once the players have the concept down put another ball in play so that they are throwing 2 balls in the circle.  Then after a few rounds add another ball.   You can add as many balls as the kids can handle.   The game is very exciting and fun ... and can get a little crazy! 


Valentine's Day Charades


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