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Ultimate Mall Scavenger Hunt List

Ultimate Mall Scavenger Hunt List

Fun ideas of pictures to take on a picture Scavenger Hunt at the Mall for kids, tweens and teen parties and group events.  No money is required for this Mall Scavenger hunt. Print out the free mall scavenger hunt with over 40 ideas for each group or team to complete.

Teams find fun and crazy items and/or have to complete tasks from their list to finish. 

Give teams two separate lists or have them compete from the same list. 

We've listed over 40 fun ideas for this scavenger hunt with spaces to include your own ideas!





* Video and Digital cameras are not allowed in some malls - call and check with mall security first to make sure they are allowed inside the mall.

Free Mall Scavenger Hunt List

Free for non-commercial use - if posting on the web please use a link back to 
Thank you!

All team members must be in each picture (except for photographer)


5 points
for each task completed. 

10 point bonus
for first team to arrive at the mall meeting place. 

10 point deduction
for every instance of running, screaming or being rude to salespeople or shoppers.

1 point deduction
for every minute teams are late to the mall meeting place.





Ultimate Mall Scavenger Hunt List

# Take pictures of your team ....
1. with a salesman named Bob
2. wearing a hat with a feather
3. wearing a feather boa
4. trying on an orange necktie
5. wearing a tiara
6. with a bunny (or other live small animal)
7. covered in stuffed animals at the Disney store
8. riding the escalator
9. riding the elevator a bathroom stall
11.singing “Mary had a little Lamb” to a child
12. laying on a bench
13.helping someone with their packages
14. washing hands
15.looking  at a mall information map
16.1 person sitting in a highchair 
- 1 bonus point for each additional person
17.playing a video game
18.riding a skateboard
19.1 person trying on the ugliest prom dress
- 5 point bonus for the worst one!
20.wearing blue eye shadow
21.getting ketchup and napkins for a stranger
in the food court
22.wearing 1 high heel red shoe
23.on a kiddie ride
24. holding helium balloons
25.wearing sunglasses
26.walking up the stairs backwards
27.opening the door for 4 people
28. hiding behind a tree or bush
29.doing the "wave"
30.asking someone for the time
31.sitting at a booth in a restaurant
32. giving play dolls piggy back rides
33. looking in a mirror
34.standing on the second floor waving to people on the first floor
35.holding hands with a cute guy
36.wearing cowboy hats
37.playing follow the leader
38.saluting people as they come out of Old Navy
39.riding something motorized
40.asking for an employment application
41.1 team member getting a makeover
- 7 bonus points
42.eating a food sample
43.buying gumballs
44.holding hands walking through the mall
45.1 dressed as a mannequin
 - 5 bonus points if they are in the window of a store
46. Spelling out YMCA with someone at a store

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