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 Thanksgiving / Fall Pictionary Game

thanksgiving / fall pictionary game


Pictionary is a great family / party game for all ages - kids, tweens, teenagers and adults!   Easy to play and all that is needed is a group of players, paper and pencils.  Print out our free printable Thanksgiving / Fall Pictionary clues to use in the game!


How to Play Pictionary

Teams try to guess a clue by using the drawing of their teammate.

Divide the players into two teams.   Teams should sit together on the same side of the room (or table if everyone is sitting down).   Roll a die to see which team goes first (or play rock, paper, scissors). 




The first team will select 1 player to draw for the team.   The other team members will do the guessing.


The team drawer will reach into the clue container (print out the clues below, cut into separate pieces, fold so that the clue can't be seen and place in a container) and pick a clue without looking at it.  


The team drawer will have 5 seconds to look at the clue and then the timer will be set for 1 minute.  The team drawer has 1 minute to draw the clue.  They can not use any words or any motions other than drawing to get their teammates to guess the clue. 


The drawers' teammates can shout out guesses until they guess what is being drawn.   If they guess the clue within 1 minute they get 1 point.


If they can not guess the clue then the opposing team has 1 chance to steal.  The opposing team will have 10 seconds to discuss among their team the best guess for the word.  Then they have 1 chance to get it right.  If they guess the clue then they get 1 point.


For smaller groups:
Instead of two teams Thanksgiving Pictionary can be played with one person drawing until one player in the group guesses the clue.  Then the player that guessed right is the next drawer.   





 Thanksgiving / Fall Pictionary Clues


Raking leaves in a pile
Picking Apples from trees
Pumpkin Spice Latte
Chopping Wood
The Great Pumpkin
Mashed Potatoes
Corn Maze
Field of Sunflowers
Green bean casserole
Wish on the Wishbone
Falling leaves
Jumping in rain puddles
Flock of Crows
Scarecrow in a corn field
Pilgrims at the first Thanksgiving
Playing Football in the yard
Building a Fire
Knitting a Scarf
Kids table
Chill in the Air
Pecan Pie
Harvest Moon
Stuffing a turkey
Pumpkin patch
Indian Corn
Caramel Apple
Going to Grandmas house
Cranberry Sauce
Pumpkin Seeds
Setting the table
Blustery Wind
Candy Corn
Apple Cider
Baking pies




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