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St. Patrick's Day
 Pictionary Game

               St. Patrick's Day Pictionary Game

St. Patrick's Day Pictionary Game is a perfect party game for boys and girls and kids of all ages. 


To play St. Patrick's Day Pictionary players will choose a clue and then have to draw the clue for their team to guess what it is within a one minute time limit.



This St. Patrick's Day party game is perfect for classroom parties, birthday parties, family get-togethers and sleepovers.  All ages of children will enjoy playing Pictionary - kids, preteens, teenagers and adults.  The game can be played with both large groups such as classrooms and youth groups and also smaller groups.  Game set up is given for both large and small groups (see below).

This party game is easy to play and also very  inexpensive! The only items that you will need are paper and pencils (or markers)  and the free St. Patrick's Day Pictionary clues that are listed below.  There are over 40 fun and unique clues! 

The game can be played using a large pad of paper on a table or you can set the pad of paper up on an easel so that everyone can easily see what is being drawn. 

The fun and unique St. Patrick's Day game clues are provided below and free to print out for the game. 

How to Play St. Patrick's Pictionary


1 person from a team will randomly choose a clue from a container.  Without showing the clue to anyone they have 5 seconds to look at the clue and then begin drawing.  A one minute timer begins when they start drawing.   They try to draw the clue on the paper while their team members are yelling out guesses as to what they are drawing.


How to Set Up the Game
Print out the St. Patrick's Day Day Pictionary clues (below) onto green paper. 

Cut apart the clues into separate clues.


Fold the individual clues so that no one can see what the clue is from the outside.  This way players will not be able to see what clue they are choosing from the clue container.


Place all the St. Patrick's Day clues in a decorated container or bowl. 

Give each team:
paper and markers


or set up one easel with a large pad of paper at the front of the room.


Divide the group of players into 2 teams.  Roll a dice to decide what team will go first. 


The team that goes first will choose one player to draw for the team for that round.   Their team members will try to guess what item, object, saying or song they are drawing.

The player drawing will choose a clue from the clue container without looking at it. 

The player drawing for their team will have 5 seconds to look at the clue before their time starts. 

Set a timer for  one minute.  It's a good idea to have a set timekeeper for both teams that can keep track of when time is up for both groups.  


The player drawing will have 1 minute to draw the clue while their team members yell out answers and try to guess what is being drawn.  The person drawing can not use any words or any motions. 


The team can shout out guesses until they guess what is being drawn.   If they guess the clue within 1 minute they get 1 point.


If the team does not guess the clue within the 1 minute time limit  then the opposing team has 1 chance to steal. 

The opposing team has 10 seconds to discuss among themselves the best guess for the clue.  Then they have 1 chance to get it right.  If they guess the clue then they get 1 point.


Play to 15 or 20 points or longer if time allows.   Decide what the winning score will be before the game begins.


Change the player that draws for their team on each round so that everyone will have a chance to draw clues at least twice.


For smaller groups:
Instead of two teams St. Patrick's Day Pictionary can be played with one person drawing until one player in the group guesses the clue.  Then the player that guessed right is the next drawer.   


1. Thank your lucky stars
2. Luck of the Irish
3. Dressed in green
4. My Wild Irish Rose
5. Top of the morning to ya
6. When Irish eyes are smiling
7. Kiss me I'm Irish
8. Four leaf clover
9. Pot of gold
10. Irish coffee
11. Over the Rainbow
12. Lucky in love
13. I'm looking over a 4 leaf clover
14. March 17th
15. Pinch
16. Happy St. Patrick's Day
17. Ireland
18. Dancing an Irish jig
19. Irish Setter
20. Emerald Green
21. May the road rise up to meet you
22. Limerick
23. Blarney Stone
24. Lucky Charm
25. Leprechaun
26. Shamrock
27. St. Paddy
28.  Horseshoe
29. Irish proverb
30. Fish and Chips
21. Hold yer horses
32. Irish for a day
33. Irish Blessing
34. University of Notre Dame
35. Irish Wolfhound
36. Step Dancing
37. Lucky Charms cereal
Use the blank spaces to fill in your own Irish sayings.

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