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Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt List


A fun walking neighborhood scavenger hunt list for kids of all ages!  No need to collect items, simply find them and check them off your list.  Or older children can take pictures of the items as they are walking the neighborhood.  A great list of 50 items to find is yours to print out FREE!


Divide the list into 2 for two teams to find, or let them all find the items together.


walking neighborhood scavenger hunt list


A great Scavenger Hunt to play when taking a walk through your neighborhood!  Find the items and check them off the list.  No need to collect or carry anything with you!


Neighborhood Scavenger Hunt Items


1.  Flag

2.  Butterfly

3.  Squirrel

4.  Ant

5.  Bench

6.  License Plate

7.  Crosswalk

8.  Spider Web

9.  Footprints

10. Colorful Bird

11. Fire Hydrant

12. Cat

13. Porch Swing

14. Mailbox

15. Tricycle

16. Stop Sign

17. Animal Tracks

18. Dandelion

19. Penny

20. Boat

21. Basketball Goal

22.Bumper Sticker

23. Ladder

24. School

25. Wasp

26. Pond

27. Trash Can

28. Picnic Table

29. Brown Dog

30. Pinecone

31. Clover

32. Swing Set

33. Bird's Nest

34. Yellow Flower

35. Turquoise flower pot

36. Feather

37. Stick

38. Tree with flowers

39. Seed Pod

40. Small Rock

41. Piece of Trash

42. Ant Hill

43. Roses

44. Large Leaf

45. Bike

46. Bee

47. Motorcycle

48. Ball

49. Truck

50. Police Car



50 items to find on the walking neighborhood scavenger hunt list







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