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Printable Freebie Mall Shopping Spree Scavenger Hunt List

 Directions for the Freebie Mall Shopping Spree

Items to find for the Freebie Mall Shopping Spree

Shopping bag - 3 point bonus for the largest bag

Napkin from Food Court

Loose button

Blue thread or string

Paper clip


Disposable toilet seat cover

French fry (cannot buy it)

Employment application

Credit card application

Straw from restaurant

3 Business Cards - 3 point bonus if one of them is named Mark

Old receipt

Tissue paper

Print out from a wedding registry


Food sample

Blue eye shadow - 3 point bonus if each team member wears it



Name Tag





Mall Map

Loose bead or sequin

Company Letterhead

Something broken a store was going to throw away

Store display - 10 point bonus for the team which brings back the largest one

Piece of tape

Red Marker

Empty video, DVD or game case

Gift card envelope

Safety Flyer - 7 point bonus

Clearance sticker


Catsup packet

Paper merchandise bag with handles

Price sticker or price tag

Menu from a restaurant








Truth or Dare

Sidewalk Chalk

Water Balloons


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