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A - Z Mall Scavenger Hunt List

This is the free printable version of our A - Z Mall Scavenger Hunt List.

For rules and directions for the Scavenger Hunt please see the original page at - A - Z Mall Scavenger Hunt on the website. 

Find the items that begin with the letters A through Z.   Notice that some of the items are free.


A - Z Mall Scavenger Hunt




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Letter Items to find in the A - Z Scavenger Hunt Found
A Apple pie, Acorn, Apostrophe shopping bag  
B Button, Box, Bow, Business Card, Birthday Hat  
C Cowboy Hat, Chocolate Bar, Cards, Coin Purse, Credit Card Application  
D Dog, Discount Sign, Disposable paper toilet seat cover  
E Elephant, Employment Application  
F Fish, Flag, French Fry, Food sample  
G Gong, Granite statue, Glitter, Gift Card Envelope  
H Hat w/ feather, Handkerchief, Hollister Bag, Hanger  
I Iguana, Icing Bag  
J Jewelry, Jigsaw puzzle  
K Kangaroo, Karate item  
L Lime green shoes, Lilypad  
M Movie - title beginning with "M", Mall Map, Menu  
N Napkin, Name tag  
O Opal, Orange socks  
P Pencil, Pinecone, Paper clip, Price tag  
Q Quizno’s napkin - 1 point bonus for each item found that begins with Q  
R Raincoat, Retro sign, Receipt  
S Sheep, Sofa, Straw, Staple, Safety Flyer, Shopping Bag, String  
T Tap shoes, Tape, Tinkerbelle, Tissue paper  
U Umbrella, Unicorn  
V Violin, Vest  
W Wool Mittens, White Shoes, Wings, Wind chime  
X 3 point bonus for each item found that begins with X  
Y Yellow hat, yellow gumball, yellow raincoat, yellow earrings  
Z Zebra design purse - 2 point bonus for each item found that begins with Z