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New Years Eve Dares


New Years dare ideas with confetti


New Years Eve Dare Ideas for the Truth or Dare Game


Funny dares with a New Year's Eve theme for parties and sleepovers.  Rated G and clean for all ages, kids, tweens, teens and adults.  Play with you friends or family while you wait to ring in the New Year!


How to Play the Game of Truth or Dare

How to play Truth or Dare


Print out these Free Dares, cut them into individual pieces and fold so that the dare can't be seen.  Place them in a container marked DARES and players must choose to perform a Dare if they don't want to answer the Truth question. 


New Years Eve Dare Ideas


1.  Sing Auld Lang Syne for the rest of the game whenever anyone says your name.

      (Should old acquaintance be forgot, and never brought to mind?  Should auld acquaintance be forgot, and auld lang syne? )



2.  Give the countdown to midnight whenever anyone says the name of the person to your right for the rest of the game.



3.  Be a clock and announce the time every 5 minutes.



4.   Pretend to be the NY Ball dropping whenever you hear a countdown to midnight.



5.  Give out pretend party hats to everyone in the circle whenever you hear "Auld Lang Syne".



6.  Tell everyone the New Years resolutions of Santa's reindeer.



7.  Pretend to throw confetti on everyone whenever the time is announced.



8.  Give every player a New Year's resolution.



9.  Sing New York New York while dancing.



10. Sing Rock a Bye Baby whenever New Years Eve is mentioned.



11. Sing a Black Eyed Pea song



12. Make a toast to each player whenever it is their turn for the rest of the game.



13. Pretend to blow out birthday candles whenever you hear a New Years resolution.



14. Pretend to hand streamers and decorate the other players.



15. Pretend to be Old Father Time for the rest of the game.



16. Give each player a kiss on the top of their head for good luck in the New Year. 



17. Whenever you hear a toast pretend to make Fireworks around the room.



18. Pretend to be sand going through an hourglass.



19.  Point at your watch and say "tick tock" whenever someone says the name of the person on your left.



20.  End every sentence you say for the rest of the game with "and Happy New Year!"



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