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New Moon Trivia Quiz

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New Moon Trivia Questions
Questions taken from the New Moon book - part of the Twilight series by Stephanie Mayer
Answers to the New Moon Trivia Quiz

1.  What type of car did Alice steal in Italy?

2.  Who found Bella in the woods?

3.  What is Sam's girlfriends name?

4.  What are the names of the werewolves?

5. What was the name of the movie Bella & Jessica saw in Port Angeles?
    Bonus - Was it different in the New Moon movie?

6. Why did Bella do all the dangerous things she attempted?

7. What happened to make Edward leave?

8. What did Edward do in Italy to try and kill himself?

9. Why didn't Rosalie want Bella to be a vampire?

10. Who all forgave Bella for going crazy?

11. Why did Edward think Bella was dead?

12. Who are the 3 rulers of the Volturi?

13. What is the Forks HS mascot?

14. Who did Bella meet in the meadow?

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