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Minute to Win It Games

35 Fun Minute to Win It Games!

Choose your favorite Minute to Win It party games and let the fun begin!   All the games are fun and challenging at the same time.  Great for birthday parties and sleepovers for girls and boys of all ages!  Kids, tweens, teens and adults all have fun playing these games!

All of the games use easy to find items from around the house.  

Tip!   If you have more then 6 people at your party set up different stations with a different game at each station.   Or divide into teams for the games.   
  Minute to Win It Games for parties

Scoring:   1st place = 4 points, 2nd place = 3 points, 3rd place = 2 points and 1 point to players who don't place 1, 2, or 3 but complete the challenge. 

Apple Stack
Have the player try to stack 5 apples on top of each other.
5 apples per player

Block Stack
Have each player balance a plate on his/her head and try to stack five blocks on top of the plate.
5 blocks &
1 plate per player

Breakfast Scramble
Cut the front of popular cereal boxes into 16 pieces and scramble them. Have the kids (either in groups or individually) try to put one of the cereal box puzzles back together. This is a pretty easy challenge, so it’s great to do in the beginning to build confidence!

Front of different types of breakfast cereal boxes

Candy Corn Stack
See which player can stand the most pieces of candy corn upright before a minute is finished.

Candy corn

Card Throw
Cut a watermelon in half and make the juicy side face the player. Give the player a stack of playing cards and have him/her stand a few feet away from the watermelon. The player needs to throw a card in such a way that it will stick into the watermelon.  The player who sticks the most cards wins. 
Deck of cards

Cereal Bracelets
See who can thread the most fruit loops onto a pipe cleaner only using one hand.
Froot Loops cereal
Pipe cleaners

Cookie Monster
Have everyone place a cookie on their forehead. Give everyone one minute to get the cookie from their forehead to their mouth without using their hands.
Large cookies

Cotton Ball Nose
Put vasoline on each player’s nose. Each player has to transfer cotton balls from one plate to another without using his/her hands.

Cotton balls

Cotton Ball Scoop
Set an empty bowl on a table and sprinkle small cotton balls around the bowl. Blindfold the individual and hand him/her a spoon. Give him/her one minute to scoop as many cotton balls into the bowl as possible before time is up!
Cotton balls

Cotton Ball Transfer
Have the player sit down and blindfold him/her. Give him/her two bowls and a plastic spoon. Fill one of the bowls with cotton balls and put it on the player’s lap. Have the player hold the other bowl on his/her head. On go, have the player try to spoon cotton balls from the bowl on his/her lap into the bowl on his/her head. The player with the most cotton balls in the second bowl after a minute wins!
Two bowls
Cotton balls

Defy Gravity
Give each player two balloons. Have the players try to keep both balloons in the air for 1 minute. To make this even more difficult, have each player use only one hand to keep the balloons in the air.

Don ’t Blow the Joker
Place a deck of cards (with the Joker on the bottom) on top of a glass container. When the minute starts, have the player gently blow the cards off of the bottle until he/she gets to the Joker. The player that blows all of the cards off of the bottle except for the Joker in under a minute wins!
Deck of cards
Glass container

Doughnut Chew
Tie a string around a doughnut and hang it in-between two chairs. Using only their mouths, have the players try to eat the entire doughnut without letting it fall off of the string.
String or twine

Elephant March

Line up a bottles of water in a line. Put a baseball or tennis ball inside of a pair of pantyhose and have the player put the top of the pantyhose over his/her head. he player has one minute to swing the pantyhose (containing the ball) and knock over each of the water bottles.
Bottles of water
Tennis ball


Feather Breath
Give each player a feather and have them blow it across the room into a bucket. The feather must be kept in the air at all times and no body parts may be used to help the feather. An easier version of this is to just keep the feather in the air for 1 minute without trying to move it across the room.

Get the Penny
Put 1 penny into each leg of a pair of pantyhose. Have the player try to retrieve both pennies in under 1 minute.
2 Pennies

Grab Bag
Select 5 gift bags or paper sacks and cut them to different lengths. Line these bags in a row on the floor. Have the player pick each bag up with his/her mouth and put it on the table. The catch is that the player cannot let any body part touch the ground except for his/her feet.
5 Paper sacks

Junk in the Trunk
Attach a belt to an empty tissue box and fill the box with ten ping pong balls. Attach the box around the player’s waist, with the box facing the back. The player has one minute to jump and wiggle and try to get all of the ping pong balls out of the tissue box.
Empty tissue box
Ping pong balls

Listen Carefully
Take 5 old soda cans and fill them with varying amounts of the same small object (nails, screws, metal nuts, etc.).Write the amount on the bottle of the can. On each player’s turn, have him/her shake the cans and arrange them in order from can that contains the most objects to can that contains the least. The player that does this correctly the fastest wins!
5 empty soda cans
Nails, screws, metal nuts, or the like

Marshmallow Toss
Pair the players into teams of two. Give one player on each team a handful of marshmallows, and give the other player a small paper cup (like a Dixie cup). Have the player with the marshmallows stand about five feet away from the player with the cup and try to throw the marshmallows into the cup. The team that gets the most marshmallows into the cup at the end of a minute wins!
Paper cups

Noodle Pick-up
Place six uncooked pieces of penne pasta near the edge of a table. Give the player an uncooked spaghetti noodle to hold in his/her mouth and use to try and pick up the penne noodles. This is much harder than it sounds!
Cooked penne pasta
Uncooked spaghetti noodles

Pick-up Sticks
Use chopsticks to move conversation hearts from one bowl to another. You can also do this with mini marshmallows!
Conversation hearts or small marshmallows

Ping Pong Backboard
Pair the players off into teams of two. Hand the first player a handful of ping pong balls, and have the second player tie a clipboard around their waist (using string/ribbon). Have the player with the clipboard stand behind a small trashcan and act as a backboard while the first player throws ping pong balls at the clipboard so that they will land in the trashcan. The team needs to get 5 balls into the trashcan goal to win!
Ping pong balls
Clip board
Small trashcan

Ping Pong Peanut Butter
Spread peanut butter onto a piece of bread and put it onto a table. Have the player stand a few feet away and throw ping pong balls so that they stick onto the peanut butter.
Ping Pong balls
Peanut butter

Rubber Band Rip
Hang a full toilet paper roll on a rod so that it is suspended off of the ground. Attach an empty soda can to the bottom to the end of the roll to help weigh it down. Give the player some rubber bands and have him/her shoot the rubber bands at the toilet paper roll to break the paper. This can be played individually or in teams.
Full toilet paper rolls
Soda cans
Rubber bands

Rudolf Toss
Glue small red pompoms to the ends of pieces of ribbon, each about 6 inches long. Have the players put the string in their mouth so that the pompom is dangling under their chins. Put vasoline on each of the player’s noses and have them swing the ribbon so that the pompom sticks to their nose. No body parts may be used to help the pompom, and the player must successfully get the pompom to stick 5 times to win.
Red Pom Pom balls

Runny Nose

Give the player a full box of tissues. Using only one hand, have the player pull all of the tissues out of the box (one at a time!) in under one minute.

Full boxes of tissues

Shoe Kick
Set a small table or designate a space about ten feet in front of the players. Have the player slip their heel out of their shoes, so that it is still on their feet but will come off easily. On go, have each player try to kick their shoe off so that it lands upright on the designated spot. The players can have as many tries as they want. The players that complete this task in one minute win!

Stack the Cups
Set out a stack of 36 plastic disposable cups. Have the player make a pyramid stack using all the cups and then return them into the original stack position in 1 minute!
36 Solo plastic cups

Stacking Hearts
Place a bowl of conversation hearts in front of the players. Have the players try to build a tower by stacking the conversation hearts. The player that has the tallest tower at the end of a minute wins!
Conversation Hearts

Sticky Stack
Give every person a popsicle stick to hold in his/her mouth. Have each person try to balance 6 playing dice on the popsicle stick stacked on top of each other and keep them there for a minimum of 5 seconds. You can also do this with 12 sugar cubes.
Popsicle sticks
6 dice or sugar cubes

Streamer Roll
Give the player two rolls of plastic streamers. Have the player unroll both rolls completely in under a minute using only his/her arms and hands.

That ’s a Wrap
Give each player a set of oven gloves. Have them try to unwrap candy (such as Hershey Kisses or Starbursts) while wearing the gloves. The player with the most candy unwrapped after a minute wins!
Oven mitts

Wrapped candy

This Sucks
Place a small amount of beans on a table and give each person a straw. Place a bowl on a table about ten feet away. Give the contestant one minute to suck a bean onto the straw and run it to the other bowl. Whoever can do the most in a minute wins!
Dried beans

Toothbrush Cap
Place a toothbrush in a toothbrush holder on one end of the room and put a cup on the other side. Give the player a visor to wear and have him/her pick the toothbrush up with the visor rim, carry it to the other side of the room, and set it down in the cup. If the player drops the toothbrush at any point, have them start over!
Toothbrush holder

Zebra Unicorn Stack
See who can stack the most zebra cakes on his/her forehead in one minute!
Zebra Cakes

More Minute to Win It Games with a Fall theme!

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