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Mermaid Birthday Party Ideas


mermaid tail scales

Mermaid birthday party ideas for a fun and unique Mermaid birthday party! Ideas for Mermaid birthday invitations, Mermaid banners, Mermaid party favors, decorations, party games and fun birthday activities.  Choose your favorite ideas and combine them into the best Mermaid party.


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Mermaid Birthday Party Games


Sea Sand Dig

Party guests dig for fun Mermaid themed items in sand. 

Plastic pool or sandbox, small sand shovels or plastic spoons, small prizes to hide in the sand such as seashells, necklaces, gold chocolate coins, mermaid and fish plastic figures, fake pearls, rings, etc. 

Set up the Sea Sand Dig by filling a plastic pool (or use a sandbox) with sand.  Hide the Mermaid themed treasures in the sand at and near the bottom of the pool.  Give each guest a shovel and let them dig for prizes.  Let them keep what they find and take home as a party favor.


Variation: Use only seashells as the hidden objects.  Before the party write a different number on each seashell and that same number on a Mermaid themed prize.  When all the seashells have been found the party guests can turn in their shells and collect the prize with that number on it.



Mermaid Treasure Hunt

Guests search for fun prizes around the party area on this treasure hunt game.

You'll need a large indoor or outdoor game area and fun prizes with a Mermaid / Ocean theme such as starfish, seashells, necklaces, bracelets, crowns, gold coin candies, plastic mermaid and fish toys, etc.

Before the party hide the prizes around the game area.  Give each guest a paper sack with their name on it to collect the items they find during the treasure hunt.  Ask the party guests to try and find all the hidden Mermaid treasures.  Let the party guests take home the prizes they find as a party favor.



Crab Walk Races

Relay races are always a fun birthday party game and this one has an ocean twist!  Divide the party guests into 2 teams.  On "go" one player from each team will crab walk to a designated  turn around point and then back to their team.  When they reach their team the next player in line goes around the course.  The first team to have all of their players complete the crab walk wins! This is a fun game to play and a very funny game to watch!



Seaweed Ribbon Limbo

Decorate a Limbo pole (or broomstick) with green and blue pieces of ribbon or crepe paper.  Play the game of Limbo and have the little mermaids and sea creature guests Limbo underneath the seaweed ribbon.  How to play Limbo.




Sharks and Fish

Sharks and Fish is a fun group game of tag.  The more people playing the more fun it becomes!  You will need a large game area to play.

The "Shark" tries to tag the "Fish" as they cross the "Ocean".  The shark stands in the middle of the play area (ocean) and calls out "Fishy Fishy come and play!" The fish, who are lined up on one side of the ocean, must walk (not run) around the play area toward the shark.

At anytime the Shark can shout "Shark Attack!!" and the fish must try to run past the shark to the other side of the ocean. 

The Shark will try to tag as many of the fish as they can during the Shark Attack.  Any fish that are tagged become sharks for the next round.

When there is only one fish remaining that player becomes the shark for the next round and all the sharks become fish.



Seashell Prize Walk

The seashell prize walk is a fun group game that is just like a Cake Walk.   Decide how many guests will be playing the game and make seashells out of posterboard before the party. You'll need to make 2 or 3 more than the number of party guests playing.  Write down a different number on each shell.  Tape the numbers on the floor of the game area in a large circle or oval shape. On another piece of paper write down the same numbers and cut them into squares - one number per square.  Fold the small numbers and place them in a decorated container.  These will be the numbers that you draw from when the music stops.


Tell players to choose a number to stand on to begin the game.  When the music starts they must hop or walk in a circle to the next number.  They must keep walking the whole time the music is playing.  When the music stops they must stand on the number they are touching.  Then an adult picks a number from the decorated container and calls it out loud.  The player that is standing on that number wins a cupcake or ocean themed prize.


After a number is called remove that number from the circle and from the number container.  This will make the game go faster since there is a greater chance of one of the numbers that are left being called. 



Play this fun Mermaid game near the birthday's end and let the goody bags be the prizes.

After a number is called remove it from both the circle and from the container so the number won't be called again and the circle gets smaller - this makes the game move a little faster and there.



Pool Party Games for Mermaids

See our huge list of fun swimming pool party games for your Mermaid party!



Mermaid Splash Games

The best outdoor Splash games for parties!  You'll find great ideas for your Mermaid party!



Ice Breaker Game


How Many Fish In The Sea?

Fill a container with goldfish crackers, pretzel fish, swedish fish or blue gummy sharks.  Count the number of pieces while you are filling the container and then write down the number in a secret location.  When guests are arriving ask them to guess how many fish are in the sea.  When they are ready to guess write down their name and number guess on a piece of paper.  During the party have an adult determine the player that is closest to the actual number of fish in the jar.  Near the end of the party announce the winner and let them take home the jar as a fun game prize!





Mermaid Party Activities


Under the Sea Pinata

Let the guest take a turn at batting at a pinata for candy and prizes.  There are many different pinatas to choose from with a Mermaid theme - starfish, clamshell, fish, mermaid tail, etc.  Fill with fun colorful candies and ocean themed prizes.  Give each player a paper bag with their name on it to collect the pinata loot when it breaks open.  See our Pinata page for great tips on hanging, filling and making a pinata.



Sand Art

Let the party guests create their own sand art designs and take them home for a party favor.  Set up a table filled with containers of different colors of sand with several plastic spoons in each container.  Lay out different ocean themed plastic sand art containers and let the guests choose a container (or simply provide only one design of container).  The kids will have fun creating their own patterns while filling their container with sand.



Painted Treasure Box

Set up a work station with small wooden treasure chests and painting supplies and let the guests paint their own treasure box to take home. Or have the treasure boxes already painted and let them glue on jewels and crystals to decorate the bos.  At the end of the party fill the treasure chests with small bags of party favors.



Flip Flop Craft

Let the mermaids and fish create their own pair of decorated Flip Flops during the party.  This is an easy and fun craft using scraps of material and / or ribbon. See our flip flop craft page for directions.



Pixie Stik Sand Necklaces

Let the guests make sandart from the pixie stix candies.  Give them each several different colors of pixie stiks and a small necklace sand art piece.  Let them fill their own necklace with the pixie candy sand. Fun and unique party favor too!





Mermaid Party Food Ideas

  • Goldfish crackers
  • Pretzel sticks - driftwood
  • Cookie clams - pipe icing between two vanilla wafers and place a "pearl" candy in the frosting
  • Sea shell pasta or mac and cheese
  • Green grapes on skewers - seaweed
  • Gummy worms - eels
  • Gummy sharks
  • Peanut butter and jelly or cheese sandwiches cut with a star shaped cutter
  • Saltwater taffy
  • Triangle cheese crackers - shark teeth
  • Blue jello in clear plastic cups with gummy fish in the center
  • Ocean water punch and Fresh water in different drink dispensors



Mermaid Party Favor Ideas
  • Bubbles
  • Gold chocolate coins in a small treasure box
  • Go Fish card game
  • Blue gumballs
  • Pastel goldfish crackers
  • Mermaid necklaces, rings, bracelets, crowns
  • Saltwater taffy



Mermaid Party Decorations

Decorate with fun Under the Sea theme decor for the Mermaids.  Fish nets on the walls and tables.  Make a fun, easy and inexpensive background using 4 or 5 different colors of paper plates.  Tape to the wall, starting at the bottom, and overlapping as you move up to look like fish scales.  Also easy to cut circles from tissue paper to make the same backdrop for a party table or picture background. Make sea urchins from chinese lanterns at the dollar store and attach different lengths of crepe paper that flows down.  Twist green crepe paper and tape to the wall to look like seaweed.


Use large clam shells to hold party food.  Use new and clean sand buckets to hold food and party utensils on the food table.












Truth or Dare

Sidewalk Chalk

Water Balloons


Backyard Games

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