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Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Party Ideas


Hungry Caterpillar birthday party ideas`


Hungry Caterpillar Party Games

Caterpillar Tag

This is a fun tag game for when you are outside or have plenty of space to run.  Players line up and hold hands to make a long line or caterpillar.  They can not let go of each other's hands for any reason.  The first person in line is the Caterpillar head and they try to tag the last person in line or the Caterpillars tail.  When the first person has tagged the "tail" then the "tail" comes to the front of the line and becomes the "head".  Continue until everyone has had a chance to catch the caterpillar's tail.



Caterpillar Hula Hoop Game

This is an easy to learn, but challenging game that all kids love to play!  You will need 2 teams of players and a hula hoop for each team. 

The players from each team hold hands and form a large circle standing up.  A hula hoop is given to each team and they have to move the hula hoop around the circle and through each player.  Players can not let go of the other players hands during the whole game. 

Play in teams, or have fun playing as one large circle. 



Caterpillar Movement Game

This is a great party game for kids of all ages!  The object is to move the team, or the caterpillar, from one side of the game area to the other side using pieces of cardstock to step on.   Divide players into 2 equal teams.  Give each team 1 more piece of cardstock then there are players on the team.  For example if there are 7 players on a team, give the team 8 pieces of cardstock (or 8 x 11" paper will also work).


Players line up in a line.  The first person in line will lay a piece of paper on the ground and then step onto it.  Then another piece of paper is passed from the back of the line to the front, the first person in line lays that piece on the ground and the whole team moves forward.  Keep doing this until the whole line is taking a piece of paper from the back of the line, passing it to the front, laying it down and stepping forward.  The first team to make it across the playing field wins!



Caterpillar Balloon Race
This fun party game uses balloons placed in between players stomachs and backs to create a caterpillar.  Line teams up and give each player (except the first player in line) an inflated balloon.  Have the players place their balloon between their stomach and the back of the player in front of them.  The teams must hold the balloons in place during the race without using their hands.  Teams must carefully move across the game area and back to the starting point without dropping a balloon.  If a team drops a balloon they must all run back to the start and begin again. 



Caterpillar Tube Game
Newspapers or cardstock / tape
For this fun party game each team will need a large tube of paper.   Lay the paper end to end and tape the pieces together.  When you have 25 - 30 pieces taped together then tape the ends so you have a large circle or tube.  Make one tube for each team.  The players on each team will carefully get into the tube and stand on the paper in a line.  Slowly the first team member will take a step forward and the rest of the team must follow close behind them.  The paper overhead will move forward as the team moves forward.  The first team to make it to the finish line wins.


Hang the head on the caterpillar!

Cut green circles out of paper and paste them in the shape of a caterpillar onto a big piece of paper. Give each child a red circle to put as the head of the caterpillar. To make this even harder, blindfold the children!



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Hungry Caterpillar Party Icebreakers

Take red party hats and attach colorful pompoms around the base. Give one to each party guest as they enter the party.
Put a copy of ‘Hungry Caterpillar’ at the entrance of the party for guests to sign.

Hungry Caterpillar Party Decorations

Hang green paper plates on the wall to make giant caterpillars. Use a red plate to make the caterpillar head, and draw eyes and a smile on them! You can also cut out the letters of your child’s name and paste one letter onto each plate. For a more 3D effect, make a caterpillar using hanging green and red Chinese lanterns.
Take light and dark green streamers and twist them together. You can hang these in the back of the food table, the gift table, or a statement wall.
Make suns out of yellow paper to hang around the party.
Cut your child’s age out of poster board. Have your child decorate it with dot art, then hang on the wall.


Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Party Invitations

Make invitations that have a lot of color on them. One example is an invitation that has colorful circles as a border.
Cut a leaf out of green paper. Punch three small holes on the side, then write all of the party information on the invitation.



Hungry Caterpillar Birthday Party Activities
Hide apples and oranges around outside and have the party kids go on a scavenger hunt to find them.
Provide each child with one long half of a cardboard egg carton. Let the child paint the egg carton to look like a caterpillar.
Take a big poster board and sketch out a giant caterpillar head. Cut the mouth out and hang in the yard. Provide the party guests with apples and have them try to throw the apples through the caterpillar’s mouth.
For small children, provide them with printouts of the hungry caterpillar and let them different art mediums to decorate their caterpillars.
Have story time and read the book with all the guests!
Take a white sheet and have each guest hold onto the sides. Put colorful balloons onto the sheet and show the kids how to move the sheet up and down to make the balloons move.


Hungry Caterpillar Party Food Ideas
Make a cotton candy cone out of white paper. Fill the cones with blue cotton candy.
Dip white cake pops into green sprinkles.
Take giant marshmallows and dip them into white chocolate that has been dyed green.
Provide single-serving applesauce for the party guests to eat.
Choose food from the books, such as apples, grapes, and strawberries. Set these out in bowls for guests to eat. For an extra touch, put a hole into each of the food items to make it look like a caterpillar ate through it.
Make sandwiches and cut them into small circles. Assemble the sandwiches in a spiral to look like a caterpillar. Use a red circle for a head, or cut a sphere out of watermelon or an apple.
Serve white cupcakes and let guests put on their own colorful sprinkles! Serve the cupcakes in colorful cupcake liners.


Hungry Caterpillar Party Favors
Take small clear bags and fill them with either gummy worms or sour gummy worms.
Give each child a giant colorful lollipop to take home with them.
Put colorful gumballs in a clear baggie for the kids to take home.


Hungry Caterpillar Goody Bags
Take plain bags in different colors and let your child decorate them with dot art or stickers.







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