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Goodnight Moon Party Ideas


Goodnight Moon birthday party theme ideas


Bring the children's classic book Goodnight Moon to life with these great birthday party ideas for kids! 

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Goodnight Moon Activities

Mouse treasure hunt - the mouse can be found on every page of the Goodnight Moon book, but you have to look for it!  Set up a simple treasure hunt by hiding plastic eggs or a similar object around the party area, backyard or park. 

In one of the eggs hide a small stuffed mouse.  The child who finds the mouse wins a small prize.  Hide the mouse in a different egg and then hide all the eggs again - children love this game.   You can also decorate the eggs to look like mice by drawing on ears, eyes and some whiskers on one end of the egg and a long tail on the others side with permanent marker.
Variation:  Buy a stuffed mouse and hide it for the children to find. 

Decorate cookies - Make sugar cookies in the shapes of stars, cows, bunnies or houses and let the children decorate them with frosting and different toppings.





Goodnight Moon Party Games

Goodnight Relay
be the fastest team to say goodnight to a line up of objects.  Before the birthday party collect 2 of each of these objects: stuffed kitten, pair of mittens, cow, little toy house, mouse, 3 bears (or a picture of them), comb, brush.  Line the objects in a long row.  

Divide children into 2 teams and have them stand in back of one another.  One by one they must go down the line and say "Goodnight" to each one of the objects.  When they are done they  must run back to the front of their line and tag the next person to go.  Give each team a prize. 

Pin the Moon on the Sky
played like Pin the Tail on the Donkey.  On a large blue poster board draw or paste stars all over it and draw an outline of a moon.  Make bright yellow moons that match the outline on the poster. Place double stick tape to each moon and write the children's names on each moon.  Hang the poster on a wall.  

Line the children up and blindfold the first child.  Turn them around 3 times and have them try to stick their moon closest to the outlined moon on the poster.  
Variation: Instead of Pin the Moon on the Sky make it Pin the Tail on the Bunny (use pom pom's or cotton balls), Pin the Cow over the Moon, etc.

More fun games for children ages 2, 3 and 4

Goodnight Moon Food ideas

Serve cake and ice cream in bowls and call it a "bowl full of mush".

Goodnight Moon Party Favor Ideas
Stuffed Mouse
Copy of the Goodnight Moon book
Pair of mittens
Small toy house
Comb and a brush
Stuffed Bunny

Goody / Loot bag ideas
Wrap party favors up in a blue and white striped bandana and tie with twine or ribbon.
Small wicker basket lined with a blue/white polka dotted bandana or star fabric.
Dark blue bags with star stickers on the outside.





I read this book to all 4 of my children when they were little - it was one of their favorite bedtime stories.  While researching I found a little trivia about Goodnight Moon on Wikipedia - some of these things I knew and some I had never noticed in all the times reading the book.  Enjoy!


Use these fun Goodnight Moon facts to make a trivia game for the adults that attend the party. (Works especially well for 1st birthdays and toddler parties.) The player that gets the most correct answers wins!

The hands on the clock progress from 7 to 8:10 PM


The young mouse and kittens wander around the room.


The mouse can be found in all the pages of the book - search for him!

The red balloon over the bed disappears and then reappears at the end.

The light in the room gets darker on every page.

The moon rises in the left window.

The socks disappear from the drying rack.

The book that is open on the bookshelf is "The Runaway Bunny"

The book on the nightstand is "Goodnight Moon".

The mailbox in the picture of the cow jumping over the moon sometimes disappears.

In the three bears painting their is a painting of the cow jumping over the moon.

The number of books in the bookshelf changes.

The pendulum of the clock disappears in the final scene.

The stripes on the bunny's pajamas change.

The word "bunny" is gone off the brush on the last page.



Goodnight Moon party ideas for kids






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