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Gingerbread House Party Ideas


Gingerbread house party ideas


The Gingerbread House birthday party theme is wonderful for kids of all ages!  Have fun decorating gingerbread houses, playing fun and unique gingerbread themed party games and decorating in your style for the party. 


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Gingerbread House Party Games



North Pole Scurry
Teams try to be the first to move from start to finish line by using only a few pieces of paper or "icebergs".
Cut  large iceberg shapes from white or light blue poster board about 15"  x 15" each.   Give teams one more iceberg then the number of players on the team.


Teams can only use the icebergs given to them to get from one end of the room to the other. Teams use the iceberg pieces to move by having players stand on the ice burgs all together. Then they take the back iceberg and hand it down the line to the front of the line and so on.  If a player steps off the iceberg into the water they all go back and begin again. 
Variation:  Divide the guests into smaller groups of three or four and give them only 2 large icebergs.  





Stocking Stuffer
You will need:  A stocking and spoon for each team plus small objects such as jingle bells, wrapped candy or ping pong balls.  
Divide players into two teams. 

One at a time team members take the spoon and place a small Christmas themed object on it (jingle bells, stars, ping pong balls), run to their stocking and place the object inside and then run back to their team and hand off the spoon to the next player.   The first team who fills their stocking wins! 




Candy Cane Pass
You will need: Red solo plastic cups, large candy canes, marshmallows

Punch a small hole in the bottom of each plastic cup and insert a candy cane halfway through the hole where the hook of the candy cane is on the outside of the bottom of the cup.   


Divide players into two teams.  


Each team gets 10 marshmallows.  


The object of the game is to transfer the marshmallows from one perso


The first team that moves all 10 marshmallows down the line in their team wins!   



Have an adult dress up in a Santa suit or hire a professional party entertainer to play Santa for the party.  Give each child a chance to sit on his lap and tell him what they would like for Christmas.  This is also a great photo opportunity to take a picture and send it to the party guests later with a thank you card.

Christmas Scavenger Hunt
Have the party guests go on a Christmas scavenger hunt.  Our Christmas scavenger hunt list has lots of fun items to find and is free to print out.



White Elephant Gift Exchange
Fun party game for all ages!  Guests bring unwanted or funny gifts to the party and exchange them with other guests.  Complete instructions and details on how to play the White Elephant party game.






Gingerbread House Party Favor Ideas


Candy Canes


Stocking filled with candy


Wrapped present - give out from a Santa sack at the end of the party


Christmas tree ornament

Santa hat


Light up Christmas necklaces


Jingle Bell necklaces






Truth or Dare

Sidewalk Chalk

Water Balloons


Backyard Games

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