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Fortnite Birthday Party Ideas


fortnite birthday party ideas for kids


Fun and easy Fortnite party ideas for boys and girls ages 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, and 16 years old!  All of the ideas are budget friendly, inexpensive and easy to put together.  Mix and match your favorite ideas for the perfect Fortnite party !


Fortnite party supplies, favors, decorations and invitations



Fortnite Party Games


Bandage Race
Teams of 3 race to bandage one of their teammates with 2 rolls of bandages (toilet paper rolls).  Needed: 2 toilet paper rolls per team / per round. Kids, tweens and teenagers love this game to plan on stocking up on toilet paper so everyone gets a turn to wrap and be wrapped.


Break party guests into teams of 3.  Give each team 2 rolls of toilet paper.  The teams pick one person to be wrapped.  The other 2 members on the team will do the wrapping.  On "go" teams will wrap the toilet paper around and around their teammate until both rolls of toilet paper are empty.  If the bandages fall off them they must pick up the wrappings and begin again. 


First team to use both toilet paper rolls wins! Play two more rounds so that everyone gets a chance to wrap and be wrapped.  Keep score and the team with the highest score at the end of 3 rounds wins a prize.


Boogie Hide and Seek
This is a new twist on the game of Hide and Seek.  The game is played like traditional Hide and Seek, but with some dance moves thrown in for style.

Choose who will be the first to Seek and then all the other players have a count of 100 to hide. When the seeker finds a player they call out their name and then they both must dance for 10 seconds.  Then both of the players become seekers and search for hidden players.  When they find someone then they all 3 must dance for 10 seconds.  Playing continues until all the players have been found.

Especially fun to play at night when the seeker uses a flashlight to find hidden players. During the dance time the seeker(s) shine the flashlight on themselves so that hidden players can move around to a new spot while the dancing is going on. 

Play several rounds.  The last person found becomes the new seeker.

Shrinking Island
This is a fun game that is a more grown up version of Musical chairs with a Fortnite twist. Before the party make several signs from poster board or card stock that have the names of the Fortnite island sections.  They don't need to be larger than a piece of 8" x 11" paper. Tape the island names to chairs. 

You will need 1 less chair than players to start. Line the chairs up in two rows with their backs together.  Players must Boogie dance around the chairs while the music plays.  When the music stops players must find a chair to sit on. The player that doesn't have a chair is out and one chair is taken away.  Continue until the final round where there is only one chair and two players.  The last player to be seated after the music stops is the winner.    

Fortnite Treasure Hunt
Players search a large area to find V coins.  After all the coins have been found they can be turned in to buy loot or prizes. 

Before the party make 100 or more V coins that will be hidden.  A simple and inexpensive way to make V coins is to buy poker chips at the dollar store and write a V in the center in permanent marker.  They can also be make by cutting out circles from cardstock or poster board.

Buy cheap Fortnite themed prizes and related items that will be used for prizes.  Give each prize a value amount and place it in a treasure chest. 

A few hours before the Fortnite birthday party begins hide the V coins around the area that will be searched. 

At game time tell the players that there are 100 V coins hidden and they will be sent out to find them.  Players will try to collect as many as they can find.  When all the coins have been found players can turn them in at a loot station and trade for Fortnite themed prizes.

Capture the Flag
Kids of all ages love to play capture the flag. Two teams hide their flag and try to defend it from being captured by the other team.  It's a classic game of strategy, tag and teamwork

What you need to play:  2 flags - make flags from bandanas or old cloth.

Object of the game:  Capture the other teams flag and return it to your home base. 

Set up:  Separate players into 2 teams.  Each team determines their territory and boundaries.  Usually one team takes the front yard and the other team takes the backyard.  Each team decides where their jail and flag will be located. 

The flag must be visible - it can not be moved. There is a safety zone around the flag ( a 10 - 15 ’ circle). The flags team may not enter this circle unless the other team enters first.

How to play:   Send part of the team to “enemy territory” to capture the other teams flag. The team members left behind guard their flag. If you are caught (tagged) by the opposite team you have to go to their jail. The only way out of jail is to be tagged again by one of your teammates. (Only one person in the jail can be set free at a time.) After capturing the flag the team member must make it back to his territory - without being caught - to win. If someone has the flag and he is tagged - the person goes to jail and the flag is returned to it’s original location.

To make the game more fun make the jail a Boogie Bomb location where all players in the jail must dance until they are tagged out by a teammate.


Spies and Lookouts   When teams are placing their flags spies can be sent out to see where the flag is located - and look-outs can be sent out to catch the spies.

Jail Chain  If the jail is far from the boundary line players can form a human chain from the jail heading towards the boundary. The more people in jail then easier it is to get rescued.

Jail Break   With mutual consent teams can both yell “Jail Break!!” and prisoners are all free to run back to their home territory.


Fortnite Training Course
Before the party set up a big obstacle course that kids will run through or have relay style races in teams.  Teams compete to see who can finish the obstacle course first and individual players can compete with a stop watch.  Make a mud pit the players have to swing over, hula hoops or tires to step through, a tunnel, an area where they have to dodge water balloons being thrown at them or nerf guns.  Stake several rows of string about 2 feet off the ground that they have to crawl underneath. Trampolines, swing sets and climbing gyms can all be used as challenges in the training.


Water Balloon Games
Over 50 different water balloon games to play!  Have fun choosing from this long list of great water balloon games.  Water Balloon Games



Island Flip
You will need:  A shower curtain or large table cloth for each team.
The object of the game is to see which team can flip their island (the shower curtain) over first.   Break players into even teams of 4 to 5 players each.  The more people on a team the harder the challenge.


On "go" all team members must stand on the island and then try and flip it over without stepping off the island.  If a player steps off the island then their whole team has to start again.  This is a mind challenge and is great for team building.



Fortnite Fortress Game
You will need: Plastic cups, table or flat surface
Give individuals (or teams) 25 - 50 plastic cups each and tell them to build a fortress with them.   When the fortresses are done the opposing team (or players) will try to knock down the fortress using only a squirt gun.   Last fortress standing wins!

There is a little bit of a learning curve to figure out how to use the cups to build the best fortress so play several rounds.  Lots of fun for all ages!





Ping Pong Targets
Empty water bottles, ping pong balls, rocks or dirt for bottle weights, squirt guns or nerf guns
Remove the label from 16 ounce water bottles and replace with colorful duct tape or paper.   Fill the empty bottles with rocks or dirt 1/3 of the way full to weight down the bottles so they won't move.  
Place ping pong balls on the openings of the water bottles (make sure to remove the water bottle caps!) and set up targets in a row.  Mark off a shooting line with tape or sidewalk chalk for the players to stand behind while they try and shoot the ping pong balls off the bottles with squirt guns or nerf guns.   Variation:  Set up bottles in rows or a pyramid.   Increase the distance between the shooting line and the targets for each round.


Fortnight Party Activities



Llama Pinata

Fill a llama pinata with candy and Fortnite themed items, stickers and chocolate V coins. Find out how to make your own pinata on our Pinata page.  (Make sure to start this at least a week before the party to allow the pinata to fully dry).  How to make a pinata


Frozen T Challenge
Before the party: Buy t shirts in Fortnite colors - one per guest.  Soak them in water in the sink to make sure they are completely wet. Take a wet shirt and wad it up and then place in a gallon size Ziploc baggie.  Fill the baggie with water and seal. Do this to the remaining t-shirts.  Then place all the t-shirts on a tray in the freezer for at least 24 hours before the party.


 The first player that can unfreeze their t-shirt and put it on wins!  This is a fun challenge and it is harder then it looks! Great for players of all ages.  Tip: Write the size of the frozen shirt on the outside of the ziploc baggie or have the players names written on them. 



Nerf Gun War
Assign each player a section of the yard (name it after a location on the Fortnite island) and give them a nerf gun and ammo.  In the center of the yard place building materials such as large, medium and small cardboard boxes.  On "go" players run to the center of the yard and grab as many building materials as they can carry back to their section.  Give players 5 minutes to build a fort and let them have a nerf gun fight.









 Fortnight Party Food Ideas


Decorate cupcakes with black, green and camo color candies.


Mix up separate bowls of 3 or 4 colors of camouflage colored frosting and let the kids make their own camouflage cupcakes. 


Make campfire smores


Serve blue and/or purple gatorade bottles and label them Chug Jugs


Bake sugar cookies and decorate them with a large V in blue frosting


Party Favors

Dog tags
Nerf guns
Pixie Sticks (gun powder)
Twizzlers (rescue rope)
Glow in the Dark Slime
Llama figure or keychain
Army men
Parachute men
Camo outback hats
Squirt guns
Glow sticks

Goody Bags
Camouflage bandanas tied around favors with twine
Camo outback hats to hold the party favors
Create DROP loot bags by tying a helium balloon to a blue or yellow gift bag.  Stencil the word DROP on the front of each bag using stencil letters (from Walmart or a craft store).  Easy, fun and cheap!



Fortnite Party Decorations


Create a backdrop for the food or dessert table with camo netting, paper or wallpaper patterned bricks or solid plastic tablecloths.


Camo patterned plates and cups


Crates and treasure chests can be used to decorate and also hold food items, napkins and silverware.








Truth or Dare

Sidewalk Chalk

Water Balloons


Backyard Games

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